Release date of the Auxílio Brasil Loan at Banco Safra

The date for the release of the contracting of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan by Banco Safra has not yet been defined, as the credit operation related to the social program is awaiting its start.

According to the minister of citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, the release of the consigned aid should take place later this month. The Ministry of Citizenship also confirmed that interest rates, payment terms, number of installments and grace period will be defined by registered financial institutions to carry out the loan operation.

List of Banks that will offer the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan

  • Cashier;
  • Pan Bank;
  • Safra Bank;
  • Agibank;
  • PicPay;
  • BMG;
  • Crefisa.

List of banks that will not offer the payroll loan

These financial institutions have already stated that they should not work with this type of credit for aid recipients:

  • Nubank;
  • Santander;
  • Bradesco;
  • Itau;
  • Inter Bank;
  • C6Bank;
  • BMG;
  • Sicoob.

How to receive the Brazil Aid?

Fulfilling the maximum income requirements – which include the family among situations of poverty, extreme poverty or emancipation rule – and having the CadÚnico duly registered and updated, the family can wait to be included among the beneficiaries as soon as the aid is released. for her.

Check the Auxílio Brasil payment schedule in September

Note the payment dates for this month, according to the final NIS number – Social Identification Number:

End of NIS 1 – September 19;
End of NIS 2 – September 20;
End of NIS 3 – September 21;
End of NIS 4 – 22 September;
End of NIS 5 – 23 September;
End of NIS 6 – 26 September;
End of NIS 7 – 27 September;
End of NIS 8 – 28 September;
End of NIS 9 – 29 September;
End of NIS 0 – September 30th.

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