Son of Faustão talks about audience in Band

João Guilherme, son of Faustão, was present on the sixth day of Rock in Rio and, in conversation with this column of splashpreferred not to issue its political position.

I think there are many more capable people who can give this vision to people. I think that in my first election it would be very proud of me to say what I think. I think my opinion is not valid in that sense João Guilherme

“I think politics is an issue that nowadays in families is leaving many people apart. It’s very sad to see this and I think we try to keep harmony at home”, he added.

The young man also discussed the low ratings of his father’s program, Faustão na Band, and said he intends to continue learning on the program.

Do you want me to be very sincere? I don’t even know what the show’s audience is. I’m there to learn and people stop me to say they’re enjoying it and that’s what counts for me. João Guilherme

“My plans are to continue at Faustão, doing my job, keep learning. Of course I dream of my program, but it’s still a distant dream”, he added.

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