stop reusing the ice cream pot at home right now!

The habit of keeping Plastic pot in the fridge or freezer is quite common among Brazilians. O ice cream pot it is among the most reused options in the kitchen, as a container to store food or meal leftovers. But did you know that this can be a bad idea when it comes to food safety? Understand next!

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Why shouldn’t you reuse the ice cream pot at home?

This is one of those pieces of information that a lot of people would rather not know, isn’t it?! That’s because after the ice cream runs out, your pot still has several uses in the house, one of them being food storage in the fridge. When they are colored, then, the temptation turns out to be great.

But the truth is that the ice cream pot can be highly harmful to health. This is because the problem is concentrated on the possible release of harmful chemical agents that can affect the food in the house.

The World Health Organization (WHO), however, stated that this release of unwanted products does not reach alarming levels. But why is it the most recommended not to use ice cream pots to store food?

Reason to avoid ice cream containers to store food

The main reason to avoid reusing the ice cream pot to store food is the risk of proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms. Even with proper hygiene, the container will never be 100% free of pathogenic organisms.

Experts recommend avoiding reusing plastic pots, such as margarine, for the same reason. The use of PET bottles should also be avoided, as they are difficult to clean, with narrow places that can accumulate food remains and contribute to the proliferation of bacteria.

Therefore, the ideal thing to do is to freeze food in specific pots for this purpose. For the most part, the products are non-toxic and made of sterile materials. They can be washed, disinfected and reused. Take care of your health!

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