Substance that promises to reduce hangover effects will be sold in Brazil

When ingesting alcohol, human metabolism has to work hard to digest large molecules, overloading the liver.

Therefore, it is common for people to feel heavier when they wake up after a night of drinking. This feeling bothers many who need energy, due to the need to work and follow the routine normally.

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The hangover solution

A UK company, Faire Medical, has started distributing an anti-hangover pill that is about to be offered to Brazilians.

Myrkl, as the compound was named, has fast and effective action against the unwanted effects of alcohol. Different from others of certain neutralized with analgesic purpose present in pharmacies and even supermarkets.

How does Myrkl work?

Myrkl works by breaking down alcohol particles in the digestive system, immediately relieving bad digestion and feeling full.

The orientation is that the intake is carried out only when there is excess consumption of beverages. That moment when the person regretted having drunk so much, reveals the need to accelerate certain biological processes.

it’s not a medicine

The research result will be sold as a food supplement and not a medicine, despite explaining specific actions of the components.

In its formula, important bacteria are concentrated to restore the intestinal flora and cysteine, capable of potentiating the absorption of b12 vitamin. However, those responsible inform that the product does not replace any meal.

Those who wish to maintain the hectic lifestyle but prevent certain symptoms will now have one more option available. The Myrkl, upon being validated, will reach the Brazilian market soon, with no forecast of average price.

In the meantime, don’t forget that understanding the limits of your body in relation to drinking it is essential to avoid intoxication and serious problems in the long term.

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