The number of dead after the shipwreck in Belém (PA) rises to 19; still missing – News

The death toll rose to 19 after a ship sinks near the island of Cotijuba, in Belém, Pará, on Thursday (8). Of the passengers who were on the speedboat, 63 were rescued and the others are still missing, according to Segup (Secretariat of Public Security of Pará).

Until this Saturday morning (10), 18 bodies had been found. The 19th was found this morning after the search for the victims resumed.

Also according to the agency, the last body found was sent to the IML (Medical-Legal Institute) for necroscopic examinations and recognition.

Among the victims, there are 11 women, five men and three children. already identified. This morning, seven of them were moved for burial.

The 63 survivors received psychosocial assistance and were interviewed for the investigative work. According to Arout (Outeiro District Agency), the speedboat left Marajó Island bound for Belém, apparently fleeing the agency’s inspection area.

In a note, Arcon-Pa (Regulation and Control Agency for Public Services of the State of Pará) reported that it had already notified the company responsible for the vessel and communicated to the Port Authority the irregularity of the waterway transport that was being carried out.

According to the agency, the vessel did not have authorization from the state agency to carry out intercity passenger transport and made the trip departing from a clandestine port in the town of Camará, in Marajó.

Segup also informed that nine vessels from the state security agencies and one aircraft are still carrying out search and rescue actions. Two vessels and one aircraft from the Brazilian Navy are also operating at the site.

The Civil Police continues to investigate the case through a police inquiry, in order to locate those responsible for the vessel for further clarification.

Relatives must inform the agencies about the missing

The Pará Public Security Secretariat asks the relatives of people who were on the speedboat and who are still missing to inform their data and characteristics and report the disappearance.

The family should look for the Gflu (Fluvial Group), located at Avenida Arthur Bernardes, 1000, where they will be attended by a team.

The agency will offer essential services and psychosocial assistance to family members, among other needs.

In addition, the belongings of the victims found are also on site and can be removed by a family member.

Anyone unable to get there can talk to the teams by phone (91) 98899-6323.

*With the collaboration of Matheus Previde, from Record TV

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