TSE prohibits Bolsonaro from using images of the 7/9 in election advertisements

The Minister of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) Benedito Gonçalves today prohibited President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the vice candidate in the Bolsonar campaign, Braga Netto (PL), from using in electoral advertisements, in all media, the images captured during the official events on the 7th of September holiday, which commemorated the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil.

The decision partially accepted the request for Coalition Brasil da Esperança, which has former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as its candidate, and is composed of the parties PT, PV, PCdob, PSOL, REDE, PSB, Solidariedade, Avante, Agir and Pros. In addition to Bolsonaro and Braga Netto, other names are mentioned who were at the event, such as the current vice Hamilton Mourão (Republicans), Silas Malafaia and Luciano Hang.

The filed representation accused those represented of alleged abuse of political and economic power and improper use of the media. The coalition argued that the parade civic-military at Esplanada dos Ministérios cost more than R$3 million in public resources and served to promote Bolsonaro’s image and candidacy.

The minister, who took office the day before yesterday as Electoral Inspector General, also demanded that Bolsonaro and Braga Netto not produce new content with the images obtained on the holiday and determined that the pieces aired no longer be reproduced within 24 hours. Failure to comply with the decision is subject to a daily fine of R$ 10 thousand.

In fact, the use of images of the official celebration in electoral propaganda tends to injure isonomy, as it uses the performance of the Head of State, on an occasion inaccessible to any of the other competitors, to project the image of the candidate and make believe that the presence thousands of people on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, with the purpose of commemorating the civic date, would be the result of electoral mobilization in support of the candidate for reelection. Decision of Minister Benedito Gonçalves

The chief executive and the vice-presidential candidate must present their defenses within five days.

Yesterday, Gonçalves opened an electoral investigation against the president and Braga Netto to investigate their conduct on the 7th of September holiday. The decision complied with the request of the PDT, party of the also-presidential candidate Ciro Gomes.

Minister orders excerpts from broadcast to be deleted

In the decision, the minister also ordered TV Brasil to exclude parts of the 7 de Setembro broadcast within 24 hours and suspend the broadcast of the original video until the end of the edition, under penalty of a daily fine of R$10,000. The PT asked for the complete exclusion of the broadcast, but Gonçalves denied it and ordered the removal of eight minutes in which the “undue electoral favoritism” took place.

The representation of the PT also cited the transmission of the parade çcivic-military by TV Brasil, which, according to the text, was centered on the figure of the president. In an interview to talk about the importance of the bicentennial, the president praised the actions of his government, related his administration to the return of patriotism and Christian values, and compared Brazil with other South American countries.

In a perfunctory analysis, it is possible to conclude that the highlighted excerpts denote the distortion, at least punctual, of the participation of the President of the Republic in the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Independence and of the television coverage, in a video made available on the youtube channel of TV Brasil that today has nearly 400,000 views. Decision by Minister Benedito Gonçalves

Despite the exclusion of excerpts, the Electoral Inspector General mentioned that the measure cannot affect the dissemination of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Independence.

The minister also pointed out that the decision to remove parts of the transmission could be expanded if “it turns out that other passages have the same nature”.

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