understand the new scam to steal money from negatives

Stay negative it’s not good. Worse still is falling into a scam and seeing the money go away, to complicate financial life even more. This has happened and criminals are making new victims in Brazil. It’s the Hot Contact scam. Find out how scammers work.

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The crooks come into contact with people who have a dirty name. The promise is to clear the name at Serasa in a few minutes. Criminals charge a fee to negative people, with a fee sent via boleto. But it’s just one more hit in the square.

hot contact

The scam is called “Hot Contact” because, according to the scammers, they have friends inside Serasa who can remove the dirty name from the list of negatives in a few minutes.

For this, people must pay an amount through a slip sent by criminals. Many Brazilians fell for the coup and only found out after they saw that the name was still dirty.

Messages about “Hot Contact” are sent to victims through social media and messaging apps. Between the months of May and June of that year, there was a 190% increase in mentions of the coup, according to Serasa.

More than 1,500 pages with the offer were taken down this year alone. Criminals also try to sell the manipulation of Score data to victims, as well as manuals for those who want to improve the score that indicates financial health.

The problem is that, according to Serasa, there is no way to manipulate the data in the system. Even less with promises of overnight Score improvement. It is a process that takes time and depends on the financial reorganization of each person, starting with the discharge of debts.

The guideline is for Brazilians to be suspicious of any offer of this type, especially the “Hot Contact”. That’s because there is no way to pay a price to keep your name clean. So, any indication in this sense, it is good to be aware that it is certainly a scam.

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