Unusual sky lights up alert for Amazon smoke in Florianópolis and meteorologist explains

The gray Friday (9) in Florianópolis drew attention and ignited an alert after the arrival of smoke from the Amazon fires in Santa Catarina, a phenomenon confirmed by the Civil Defense of Santa Catarina. The first records were made in the Far West and the matter was discussed on the internet asking if the unusual clouds are related to the smoke.

Different sky and more orange sunsets called attention in Florianópolis –  Photo: Luis Debiasi/NDDifferent sky and more orange sunsets drew attention in Florianópolis – Photo: Luis Debiasi/ND

According to the meteorologist at Epagri/Ciram, Marcelo Martins, the combination of the presence of dry fog, with impurities in the atmosphere, such as smoke coming from the Amazon, for example, causes this gray effect and leaves the sun more orange and with less horizon visibility.

“There is fog and mist, only the mist is subdivided into dry and wet. Yesterday’s (Thursday) was humid. And this now is dry and it joins with the impurity that is inside the atmosphere and causes this phenomenon. It is smoke from the burning of forests not only coming from the Amazon, but also from neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay”, commented Martins.

Video shows unusual sunset seen from Morro da Cruz, in Florianópolis – Video: Luis Debiasi/ND

NOAA (National Administration of Oceans and Atmosphere), based in the United States, confirmed the arrival of a smoke corridor in the southern region of South America.

Satellite images released by Coes 15 show “corridor”  of smoke in displacement –  Photo: COES 15/Disclosure/NDSatellite images released by Coes 15 show a “corridor” of moving smoke – Photo: COES 15/Disclosure/ND

Netizens question the phenomenon

The matter was discussed on the internet, questioning whether the smoke from the Amazon had reached Florianópolis.

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