what is true in The Crown

With the longest reign in history, Queen Elizabeth II, who died yesterday morning at Balmoral Palace in Scotland, had her life portrayed in a Netflix super-production that premiered in 2016.

The Crown series is available on streaming with four seasons and a fifth season premiere scheduled for this year. But what is truth and what is a lie in the story told?

Did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip sleep in separate beds?

Not. In an interview with the British newspaper “The Sun” in 2020, the former butler of Princess Diana Paul Burrel denied that the Queen and Prince Philip slept in separate rooms, as shown by the Netflix production. According to him, it was true that each one had a suite, but he revealed that in the middle of them there was a bedroom that was used by both.

“They’ve given them a very distant relationship, and it’s not. The queen and her husband aren’t cold to each other. They both have a suite of bedrooms, but there’s a common bedroom in the middle and that’s the room they use,” she said. to the tabloid.

Queen was betrayed by Prince Philip?

There is no proof, although the Netflix series suggests that Philip had extramarital relationships. The production shows a possible relationship between the queen’s husband and Russian ballerina Galina Ilanova – a rumor that circulated among European high society.

Rumors have always been stifled and denied by the Palace. The prince himself even denied the betrayals and made fun of the situation. He even said that he would not be able to have an affair as he had been accompanied by royal security since 1947 when he married Elizabeth.

Was there a break-in to the queen’s bedroom?

Yup. On July 9, 1982, a man named Michael Fagan, 31 at the time, climbed over the wall of Buckingham Palace and into the Queen’s bedroom. She was sleeping and when she opened her eyes, she was faced with the invader. Fagan talked to the monarch for ten minutes until the queen caught the attention of a chambermaid and the two managed to lead the invader to the pantry on the pretext of getting him a cigarette. There, a guard appeared and removed the invader from the palace.

Was Elizabeth II distant from Princess Diana?

Yup. Burrel said the relationship between Diana and the Queen was true to reality in the Netflix series. According to him, the two did not have a very close relationship. “I heard her say that Diana is ‘such a silly girl, she doesn’t realize, men have affairs’. That’s very revealing, it’s accepted and that’s what happens, and you just take it.”

Queen and Margaret Thatcher vied for power?

In The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Margareth Thatcher appear in clear scenes of power struggle. The two differed on various matters, but over the years the relationship softened.

Thatcher even received from the queen, the honor of the Order of Merit, 15 after resigning. Thatcher’s funeral in 2013 was also the first funeral for a prime minister to be attended by the queen since Winston Churchill.

According to the former palace official, Thatcher had great respect for the Queen and recalled that meetings between the two took place behind closed doors. “They weren’t at war with each other and nobody knows what’s being said because the meeting is private,” Burrell said.

Queen rejected two cousins?

According to a documentary on the British TV channel ‘Channel 4’, the sisters Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, nieces of the Queen’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900-2002), never received visits from Queen Elizabeth II or anyone else. member of the royal family. Both had psychological problems and had lived in an English psychiatric institution since the 1940s.

According to local officials, the sisters bowed when they watched the royal family on television. In the family tree, the sisters were presumed dead in 1940 and 1961. The sisters were discovered in 1987. The Palace claimed only error in the family records at the time.

Not all events reported in the series correspond to the reality of the Royal Family. Members of Buckingham Palace even asked Netflix to add this information before the episodes – which did not happen.

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