when and how will the funeral be?

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, will hold a four-day public wake before her funeral at Westminster Abbey, scheduled for Monday, September 19, when her family, politicians and global leaders will participate in the ceremony.

Before that, starting this Monday, September 12, the queen’s body will rest in St. Giles, in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, for 24 hours – when people will also be able to offer their condolences.

From Balmoral, Aberdeenshire, where she died, the queen’s coffin will be moved this Sunday to Edinburgh, where it will be moved slowly to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, expected to arrive at 4pm local time.

On Monday afternoon (9/12), head to St. Giles in Edinburgh with members of the Royal Family. There will be a ceremony at the site, where the body will remain for the next 24 hours, so that the population can pay their condolences.

The next day, Princess Anne will accompany the transport of her mother’s body by air to London. The queen’s coffin will be taken from Edinburgh airport to Buckingham Palace.

On Wednesday afternoon (9/14), he will be moved to Westminster Hall, where he will arrive at 3:00 pm local time. Four days of public wake will take place from Thursday (15/9), before the funeral.

The state funeral will take place at 11 am (local time) on the 19th, with a procession to Windsor Castle. The queen’s body will rest in King George Sixth’s memorial chapel, located at Windsor Castle.

King’s official visits

Before the funeral, the new King Charles III will visit Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The period of national mourning will extend until the day of the state funeral, according to the government. The Royal Family will adopt an additional 7-day period of mourning after the date.

Westminster Abbey is the church where historically British monarchs are crowned – but wakes for kings and queens haven’t been held there since the 18th century. The funerals of the Queen’s father, grandfather and great-grandmother Queen Victoria in 1901 were held in the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle.

Heads of State from around the world will be invited to join members of the Royal Family in remembering the Queen’s life and work.

Prominent British politicians, in addition to the current prime minister and former premiers, are also expected to attend the ceremony, which will be televised.

There is no express order that events scheduled for the day of the funeral be cancelled, but government recommendations suggest that organizers can adjust the times to avoid conflicts with the ceremony or procession.

Shortly after the Queen’s death, some events were canceled or postponed in the UK.

Premier League and English Football League football matches and games that were to be held in Scotland and Northern Ireland have been postponed to Tuesday. All matches in the Women’s Super League, Women’s Championship and Women’s Cup of England have also been postponed. Several horse racing, golf and boxing competitions were cancelled.

Large-scale strike activities planned for next week have been suspended, and the Trade Union Congress said it would postpone its annual conference in Brighton.

This Saturday, when he was proclaimed monarch at St. James in London, the king announced that the day of the funeral would be a national holiday.

In his speech, he praised the Queen’s “unequaled reign”.

The king automatically became monarch after the death of his mother, but Saturday’s meeting of the Privy Council, made up of politicians, officials and members of the clergy, formally announced the confirmation.

The packed room, including all six living former British prime ministers, repeated the phrase “God save the king”. The proclamation was then read on a balcony above Friary Court at St. James.

Privy Council Secretary Richard Tilbrook proclaimed Charles “King, head of the Commonwealth, defender of the faith”, before declaring “God save the king”.

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