With one less, Athletico draws against Avaí

With one player less for 40 minutes, Athletico-PR managed to hold Avaí and got a 1-1 draw this morning (11), at Ressacada stadium, in Santa Catarina, in a match valid for the 26th round of the Brasileirão . William Pottker and Terans scored the goals of the game.

The result does not favor either team. While the hosts remained at the top of the tournament, occupying the 18th position with 25 points, Hurricane wasted the chance to enter the G4 of the Brasileirão and remains in 6th place, with 43 points.

It went well: Proactive Pottker

Very well in the game in all aspects, in addition to scoring the goal that opened the scoring, dominated the left side serving Guerrero whenever possible

It was bad: Vitinho unnecessarily expelled

Two minutes after the team equalized the score and started looking for the turn of the game, Vitinho commits an unnecessary foul on the side and gets red, making Felipão’s life difficult once again.

Avaí does not leave spaces

Leão did not let Athletico Paranaense play and presented a compact team, with players close to each other to explore the ball touch. He alternated attacks on the right and left sides and had excellent performances in the midfield, even if at times they showed faults in the marking, which even resulted in a goal at the beginning of the second half.

Athletico-PR plays on rival’s failure

Hurricane could not overcome Avaí’s desire to leave the Z4. Valuing for direct link plays, Athletico Paranaense could not surprise, especially during the first half. With an ineffective right side, he suffered in the sector and left something to be desired in opportunities to engage counterattacks, but took advantage of the marking failures and the opening of spaces to change the course of the game.

810 minutes without winning

Coach Eduardo Barroca before the match - R.Pierre/AGIF - R.Pierre/AGIF

Coach Eduardo Barroca before the match

Image: R.Pierre/AGIF

The tie with Hurricane makes Leão tie his 9th game without knowing what it’s like to feel the taste of victory in the competition. The team’s last victory was against Santos, 1-0, still in the 17th round of the Brasileirão. Since then, there have been five defeats and four draws.

next games

Avaí returns to the field to face Atlético-MG, at home, next Saturday (17), at 16:30. The Hurricane has Cuiabá ahead of it the next day (18), at 18:00. Both matches are valid for the Brasileirão.


Competition: Brazilian Championship, 26th round
Date and time: September 11, 2022 (Sunday), at 11 am (Brasília time)
Place: Hangover, SC
Referee: Paulo Cesar Zanovelli
Assistants: Celso Luiz da Silva and Fernanda Nândrea Gomes Antunes
Yellow cards: Fernandinho, Vitinho 2x, Alex Santana (CAP); Rafael Vaz, Matheus Galdezani (AVA)
red cards: Vitinho (CAP); Jean Pierre (AVA)
goals: William Pottker (AVA), at 21′ of the 1Q; Terans (CAP), at 2′ of the 2Q

Hawaii: Glédson, Renato (Thales), Raniele, Rafael Vaz (Muriqui), Bruno Cortez, Mateus Sarará (Jean Pyerre), Bruno Silva (Eduardo), Matheus Galdezani (Nathan), William Pottker, Paolo Guerrero and Natanael. Technician: Eduardo Baroca

Atletico-PR: Bento, Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Abner Vinícius (Pedrinho), Hugo Moura (Erick), Fernandinho (Terans), Alex Santana, Vitinho, Canobbio (Rômulo) and Pablo (Cuello). Technician: Luiz Felipe Scolari

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