“Women come to me”; Ana Clara is taken by surprise by a colleague from Multishow and responds live about her sexuality


The redhead and former BBB answered the questions of the presenter Blogueirinha about her sexuality

Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Ana Clara - Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Ana Clara
Photo 1: Reproduction/Instagram Ana Clara – Photo 2: Reproduction/Instagram Ana Clara

The redhead and TV Globo presenter answered live if he kisses women or if he is heterosexual. The fact occurred in front of the podcast “Ana and the Vegan”, also presented by the influencer Blogueirinha. The attraction brings the backstage of Rock In Rio that has generated memes on the internet along with the presentation of the presenters, who have been praised by fans and also behind the scenes.

In the program, they entered the agenda “Ballet Ticket”. Ana Clara jokingly mentioned that in a Blogueirinha show, she could charge “25 woman, 50 man”, public entry prices. “Everyone is the same, we are all the same”, countered the influencer. The subject yielded and had more chat!

It was there that Ana Clara mentioned that in straight parties this price difference is still normal to attract the female audience. Even so, she emphasized the need to change: “Even that has already changed, right people? Because it’s tacky.” That’s when Ana Clara was questioned. The famous wasted no time and answered her colleague immediately.

“I’m straight. It’s boring isn’t it?”. In the rapport between the two, Blogueirinha confessed that he had doubts if the redhead kissed people of the same sex. “Sometimes I get in this doubt, you know, about you! Because I’ve never seen you kissing a guy, you know?”. Ana Clara ended up saying that she is approached by women at the club and that doubts are normal; “Women come to me”said the former BBB.

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