Aline Campos talks about her relationship with Jesus Luz

On the last day of Rock in Rio, Aline Campos, known by the surname Riscado until last year, talked to this column of splash about the negative comments he received after taking up a relationship with model Jesus Luz two weeks after he ended his marriage.

“Everything strengthened us a lot, because only we know what happened between us. We’ve known each other for many years and we’ve always had a very strong connection, but with a lot of respect for the relationship he had and the relationships I had. But from the moment he became single, I saw him as a single man, as I never could. And our connection went much further,” said Aline.

“We allowed ourselves and there was no way to be different. We kissed and felt, do you know how to be in heaven? There was no way, you know. There is no time, we do not know tomorrow, we allowed ourselves to live and is allowing himself to live each day”, he added.

Aline also commented that, if she had a choice, she would not have a relationship with someone who was single recently, but that this is something that is not a choice.

“Of course. If I had to choose, I would never date someone who’s been married for years. But these things we don’t choose. I really believe that when it’s for be, it’s no use. But of course, there were a lot of things going through my head.”

The actress said she wondered if Jesus had “taken advantage of” the single life and stressed that she had this concern because it was important to her.

“My 4 years of being single were essential for me to connect with who I am, so much so that a lot of things happened. I changed my name, I stopped straightening my hair, several things. But each story is a story, each process is a process. The most important thing is to act with your heart, let life go and not care what others say and think,” he said.

She even extolled the advantages of dating someone who was her friend.

“I had never experienced this, I related to what I was friends with. Can I talk? The best thing in the world is dating a friend, because we are more friends than anything. We have a lot of chemistry, but we talk a lot, he speaks my language a lot and it always connected us a lot. Whenever we stopped to talk, because we have the same ideas and the same way of thinking about life. It’s a relationship that has passion but it’s very friendship , a lot of connection, regardless of everything”.

Asked what was the moment that gave the “break” for the relationship to evolve from friendship to dating, she jokes: “He arrived to talk, he said it was over. We looked each other in the eye and it was like this… There was no way . There are things that cannot be explained”.

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