Apple’s new system will show if your AirPods headset is counterfeit

On the 12th of this month, the iOS 16 system will be launched, which seeks to elevate the user experience by enhancing the customization of the interface and expanding the possibility of applications. The idea of ​​creating an identification mechanism for counterfeit headphones emerged from the moment when unknown connected devices started to generate financial losses.

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How much did Apple lose?

The total loss was accounted for at US$3.2 billion, equivalent to R$16.5 billion, prompting an urgent action by the company. In all, 360,000 phones were confiscated in an operation by US regulatory agencies. Despite being rare, it is still possible for someone to have problems with their iPhone using the alternative versions.

Piracy is a worldwide phenomenon

Unlike devices from different brands, fake products even imitate the packaging and are even sold as if they were genuine. In this way, it makes monitoring and perception difficult by the buyer. The sound and material do not have the same qualities, however, nothing is so noticeable if the person has never had the opportunity to make a comparison.

The price of an AirPods Pro 2

The new original phone model from apple was recently launched in the United States, with a price of 249 dollars, R$ 1,300 in the conversion. In Brazil, the launch has no set date, but the estimated value is R$ 2,599. Therefore, it is easy to understand why so many pirated acquisitions, given the search for more attractive prices.

Apple advises no one to use counterfeit headphones and informs them of the importance of buying only at official brand stores. In Brazil, it is common to find these items accessible, but from now on the iPhone will refuse the connection. When trying to pair, the phone will only work if it is original.

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