Artist draws attention with paintings of animals on humans; see photos

The paintings that artist Johannes Stoetter shares on social media are not to be looked at quickly. It is necessary to analyze calmly to understand the illusions that he divulges to his 127 thousand followers on Instagram. The bodypainter specialist makes animal paintings on humans.

This is the case of a whale painting. In the first post, several followers reported the difficulty in identifying the body model Vilija Vitkute. Afterwards, the artist revealed in a video her position to represent the animal as if it were swimming.

Another image shows the painted model of a sea turtle, resting on a rock. The painting impressed Johannes Stoetter’s followers. “That’s a person!” wrote one Instagram user. “You are a genius,” said another.

In an interview with Vogue magazine in September last year, when he was on the cover of the French edition, Stoetter said he started painting for a group of friends.

“After studying philosophy, I became a painter and musician. I also did my first body painting for a group of friends. At first, I put people in front of abstract backgrounds, then I tried to use nature as a background, with the sudden desire to integrate bodies into her until they disappeared,” he says.

The artist says that one of the moments he enjoys the most in the work is when he discovers the proper human position to cause the optical illusion.

“I particularly like the moment when I discover the human position that will shape an animal or an object. So when an illusion works well, I can spend hours looking at it to appreciate it,” he told the magazine.

See below other paintings by Johannes Stoetter:

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