“Bora Bill”: Know the origin of the meme that won Neymar Jr.

Scene from the video that went viral

Scene from the video that went viral

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There’s a new meme in the area and it’s even been in the favor of player Neymar Jr. It is “Bora Bill”, which made Bill Morais, 40, from Ceará, to success. The success has been compared by many to the meteoric explosion of Glove de Pedreiro.

The cry that “took over” social networks and has amused the public went viral from a video published on the YouTube channel of “TV 100 Futuro de Betânia”. The page uses good humor to talk about football.

The record that made Bill famous was released between the end of July and the beginning of August. In the scene, a fan from the stands appears shouting, several times, “Bora Bill” towards another man who was following the match and had the inscription “Bill” on his shirt. His reaction ended up amusing viewers.

The narrator of the video still plays with the man’s wife and child. “Come on, Bill’s son. Come on, Bill’s wife”, he says, pointing the camera at the family.

The joke was even repeated by Neymar Jr., who reproduced the catchphrase, but in a new version, adapted for a friend of the player. The catchphrase became “Bora, Gil”, to fit the name of his friend, Gil Cebola, with whom he plays pranks.

But who is Bill Morais?

The new celebrity of the moment lives in the city of Croatá, in the interior of Ceará, and, despite working as a doorman at a school in the region, his accomplishment is within the football fields. He is an amateur coach for two teams: Red Bill and Andrade Esporte.

Currently with almost 300k followers on Instagram, he wants to take advantage of his “15 minutes of fame” to give his family a better life.

“I hope to keep my feet on the ground, get something for the future, help my children, I have three. Help my family. The only people who know my family are the people who live near there. It’s really poverty,” she said.

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