Businessman who denied lunch box to Lula’s voter received more than R$ 5 thousand in emergency aid and responds to legal proceedings | Itapetininga and Region

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According to the Transparency Portal, of the 15 installments received, between April 2020 and October 2021, six were in the amount of BRL 600, two in the amount of BRL 300 and another seven in the amount of BRL 150, totaling BRL 5,250.00 .

Emergency aid is a benefit paid by the federal government, through the Ministry of Citizenship, to guarantee income for Brazilians in situations of vulnerability during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also according to the findings of the g1, the businessman is responding to several lawsuits at the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJSP), among them, lawsuits for distributing a bad check on the purchase of cattle and for non-payment of Property Tax and Urban Territory (IPTU).

The g1 requested a position, questioning Cassio Cenali about receiving emergency aid and legal proceedings, but did not get a response until the last update of this report.

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  • Irregular payment of the benefit can reach R$ 808.9 million, points out CGU

The images that reverberated this weekend were recorded by the businessman himself after a food delivery at the house of a resident of the city, in Jardim Bonfiglioli. (see below).

According to the woman’s family, identified as Ilza Ramos Rodrigues, the cleaning lady used to receive lunch boxes from the businessman every Wednesday.

“She stayed with three and helped two more families. He always took a picture to show that he was delivering the donations, only this time he came with the camera recording and it even freaked me out”, says Ilza’s niece, Greyce Kelly Ramos Rodrigues.

Itapeva businessman goes viral when he says in a video that he will stop delivering lunchboxes to PT – Photo: Personal archive

There is no information on where the video was originally published, but it was played on the Jornalistas Livres’ Twitter account and had repercussions on social media. In the video, the businessman asks who the woman will vote for president in this year’s elections, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) or Lula (PT).

Then, when the woman answers that she is going to vote for the PT candidate, the man says: “Lula? So ‘okay’ well, she’s Lula, as of today she doesn’t have a lunch box anymore. It’s the last lunch box that comes here. You ask Lula now, ok?”

The video shows that the resident even asked if the man was telling the truth, and he confirms: “Really, really. ‘Okay’, guys? No more lunchboxes here, she’ll ask Lula, ‘okay’?

Ilza’s niece said that, after recording the video, her aunt called her nervous, reporting what had happened. According to the family, after turning off the camera, the businessman said nothing more to the resident, got into his car and left.

“She thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t, because the other week he didn’t bring a lunch box anymore. She was even waiting the other Wednesday to see if she would come, but she didn’t,” says Greyce.

After the repercussion of the case, the businessman apologized for the recording and said he was sorry.

“I’m Cassio and I’m here to apologize for the video, for the misfortune of having made this video. I’m very sorry. It’s been more than two years since I make 60 lunchboxes every Wednesday and I deliver to homeless people and to this lady , and that’s not what will make me stop this work of mine,” he said in a video on social media.

Itapeva businessman apologizes for video in which he denied lunch box to Lula's voter

Itapeva businessman apologizes for video in which he denied lunch box to Lula’s voter

The situation generated revolt on social media, and several people mobilized to find the woman who appears in the video and help her with donations. Politicians and celebrities shared the video.

Lula (PT) spoke about Itapeva’s video on Twitter — Photo: Twitter/Reproduction

On Twitter, candidate Lula wrote: “Hunger is to blame for the lack of commitment on the part of those who govern the country. Denying help to someone who is going through difficulties due to political disagreement is a lack of humanity. My solidarity with this lady and her family. Brazil will have better days again.”

MST also spoke about the situation of Itapeva on Twitter — Photo: Twitter/Reproduction

The Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) also spoke about the situation on Twitter and proposed to donate food from the Agrarian Reform, produced by the settled families.

Artists repudiated the attitude of the businessman from Itapeva on Twitter — Photo: Twitter/Reproduction

Presenter Luciano Huck said: “Hunger has no ideology. We need to strengthen what unites us and not what separates us. This ridiculous attitude is regrettable and inhumane. Help me get to this lady, please? I want to help her. Let’s go make a chain of good for her?”

The singer Daniela Mercury also spoke, as well as the singer Pablo Vittar and the comedian Antonio Tabet. (look above).

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