Caixa holds auction with 220 properties and discounts of up to 70%

Caixa Econômica Federal will hold an auction with 220 properties. They are houses, apartments, land and commercial properties, all with up to 70% discount on the appraisal value. The event will take place on September 23, through the Fidalgo Leilões platform, the company responsible for the management. It’s good to keep an eye out!

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The properties are spread across Brazilian states. In Goiás alone, for example, there are 30 options. Through the auction website, interested parties can check the complete list, as well as the valuation of the property, the discount and the other conditions to close the deal.

Auction with 220 properties

Conditions vary by lot. Among the possibilities, the auction allows the financing of the property, as well as the use of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) as a down payment. And more: there is still the possibility of installment.

Upon entering the Fidalgo Leilões website, the properties available by Caixa are highlighted. Just click on what interests you the most to get more information about it. Overall, the event will auction more than two hundred properties.

See below for a complete list of states and the amount available in each of them:

  • Alagoas (six);
  • Amapa (one);
  • Bahia (three);
  • Ceará (seven);
  • Federal District (one);
  • Goiás (30);
  • Maranhao (two);
  • Mato Grosso (one);
  • Minas Gerais (three);
  • Pará (14);
  • Paraiba (13);
  • Paraná (24);
  • Pernambuco (24);
  • Piauí (one);
  • Rio de Janeiro (17);
  • Rio Grande do Sul (19);
  • Santa Catarina (two);
  • Sao Paulo (42).

Among the properties in question is an apartment with 85.46 m² of total area, 38.72 m² of private area and two bedrooms. It is located inside a condominium in Itaquaquecetuba (SP) and is evaluated in BRL 142,331.96. The 45% discount. The initial asking bid is BRL 78,880.38.

To participate in the event, you must be over 18 years old and register on the site. Interested parties must submit all required documents indicated in the notice.

According to Caixa Econômica, the properties that are not sold during the auction will be offered again in future opportunities, so you can keep your hopes up, in case you can’t take advantage of the chance now.

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