Caixa Tem releases R$3,000 via the app, but you can’t make THESE mistakes

Thousands of workers are denied their application when they apply for a Caixa Tem loan, but they still don’t know that there are some very specific reasons for this to happen. You need to know why this is happening, especially now that Caixa Econômica Federal has launched a simplification program for entrepreneurs.

For those who don’t know, it is a credit line that provides up to R$1,000.00 for individuals and up to R$3,000.00 for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs).

O loan Caixa Tem aims to provide resources for those looking to expand or improve their business, creating ways to stimulate mass entrepreneurship, with the Caixa Tem loan focusing on the formalization of small businesses.

To understand the situations that compromise the release of credit, continue reading the article in Notícias Concursos.

Caixa Tem releases R$3,000 via the app, but errors can prevent credit; see how to avoid

Many Brazilians reported that their requests for loan Caixa Tem were rejected, frustrating all plans made so far. Despite the great convenience offered at the time of application, Caixa explained that, yes, there are some reasons why a loan can be denied status. see what they are

1.Insertion of incorrect data in filling

To apply for a loan from Digital SIM, the bank evaluates all the information provided during the completion of the Caixa Tem Registry. In this case, when entering some wrong or false information, there is a high probability that your request will be rejected.

If this happens, individuals can renew their registration and correct errors when they have time, but in this case the deadline for new approval opportunities is 10 days.

2. Having debts in an amount above BRL 3 thousand

Another possibility to have a loan denied in Caixa Tem is if the citizen had a debt up to December 31, 2022 with an amount greater than R$ 3,000.00, except for home financing. It is also worth mentioning that this is a rule of the MTP Regulation #660.

3. The applicant is not included in the Digital SIM proposals

As already mentioned, microfinance box has are aimed at formalizing entrepreneurship and small businesses. Therefore, only those with this purpose can apply. If your situation deviates from this recommendation, you may not receive the released amount.

And speaking of those who do not qualify, it is worth mentioning that Caixa Tem resources cannot be used to pay personal bills, so anyone who wants to take out a loan for this purpose should opt for the traditional Caixa Tem Credit.

Finally, in terms of interest, the Caixa Tem loan has a rate of 3.99% per month. This is slightly higher than what a digital SIM charges. Thus, numbers ranging from 1.95% to 1.99% per month.

Caixa Tem Loan grants up to R$3 thousand

Microcredit has two target audiences, individuals who want to undertake and individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs). The conditions for each are as follows:

  • Individuals: credit of up to BRL 1,000, interest rate from 1.95% per month and payment in up to 24 months.
  • Legal entities (MEI): credit of up to R$ 3 thousand, interest rates from 1.99% per month and up to 24 months to pay.

It is worth mentioning that loans are also available for negative people, as long as their debt does not exceed R$ 3 thousand. In the case of MEIs, it is necessary to have at least 12 months of activity with the CNPJ to request the service.

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