Can anyone apply for the Auxílio Brasil consignment?

All beneficiaries of the income transfer program will be able to apply for the Auxílio Brasil consignment. Know more.

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As of September, the government must release the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. However, so far, the government has not released the list of rules on payment terms and interest. In short, this new type of credit was made possible by the sanction of Law No. 14,431, published on August 4, in the Official Gazette (DOU). Commitment of up to 40% of the amount received monthly for the payment of installments will be allowed. But after all, who can ask for the loan? Find out below.

Can anyone apply for the Auxílio Brasil consignment?

Will be able to ask for theAuxílio Brasil, all beneficiaries of the income transfer program. However, they must respect the maximum commitment limit, and have a valid CPF registration number. That is, it must be identified in a regular situation in the information base of the Single Registry of the Federal Government, CadÚnico.

Despite the numerous offers of pre-registration made by the finance companies, it is not possible, at the moment, to contract the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. The government still needs to publish the regulations and complete the accreditation of companies that want to offer credit. According to the Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, details should be available in early September.

During a press conference at Palácio do Planalto, the minister said that the regulation should be ready in the 1st week of September. In short, it is important to determine the rules that all banks and finance companies need to follow, such as a limit on fees and interest charged, and on the number of installments, for example.

According to Bento, 17 institutions, including banks and finance companies, have already been accredited to provide the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. However, it is important to mention that most large banks have already announced that they will not offer payroll loans, for fear of default.

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