Car inflation drops again in August

Car brake pad replacement

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The reduction in fuel prices caused, for the second month in a row, the fall in Car Inflation, disclosed by the Autoinforme Agency: this index reveals the evolution of the prices of products and services that the driver uses to drive the vehicle and carry out preventive maintenance . The result of August, therefore, was a deflation: – 1.32%.

The drop in fuel prices in August was 9.94% and, although spare parts (+3.24%) and insurance (+8.51%) had significant increases, the weight of the Fuels group was decisive for the fall of the index, since it represents 31.7% in the share of the total expenses that the driver has in the month.

There are five groups of expenses: in addition to Fuel, Parts and Insurance, Taxes (which had zero variation in August) and Automobile Services, which had a negative variation of 0.15%, are considered.

In total, the driver theoretically spent R$ 1,999.21 to drive the car and carry out preventive maintenance in the month. The reference considered in the study of Car Inflation is a new compact model.

The highest price increase in the month was for the insurance deductible, which rose 24%, followed by short-term parking, up 10.5%, and workshop labor, which was 9.9% more expensive.

Items that suffered the biggest increasesVariation
insurance deductible+ 24.0%
Parking for 2 hours+ 10.5%
Labor+ 9.9%
balancing+ 9.6%
brake pad+ 9.5%

The biggest drops were in gasoline (-11.0%), alcohol (-7.3%) and candlesticks, which were 7.5% cheaper.

Items that suffered the biggest dropsVariation
Alcohol– 7.3%
set of candles-7.5%
Drums– 5.2%
brake pad– 5.5%

Despite the drop in fuel prices having pulled car inflation down, it’s always good to save: watch the video and check out VRUM’s tips!

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