Colorectal cancer: advances in the treatment of this type of tumor – 09/12/2022

Colorectal cancer is among the most incidents in Brazil, ranking second in number of cases both among men (behind prostate) and women (after breast tumors).

There are more than 40 thousand new registrations per year. Therefore, we need to give more attention to this cancer, predominantly originating in the large intestine, whose main risk factors are age (people over 50 should pay more attention to signs), excess body weight, unhealthy diet, low fiber intake, sedentary lifestyle and family history of this type of tumor.

The disease, when diagnosed early, has a cure rate of over 90%. Surgical methods to treat it have improved significantly in recent years, with the advent of minimally invasive techniques.

Laparoscopic or robotic surgeries avoid large incisions, which not only had a negative aesthetic interference, but a slower recovery. These are operations that now allow the patient to resume their daily tasks more quickly.

In advanced colorectal cancer, there was also the development of new strategies that represented a revolution. In the past, we had practically only chemotherapy as an option.

Today, together with more traditional treatments, and based on the type of tumor profile, we have new immunotherapeutic drugs available (which are very useful for up to 20% of patients), or new antibodies that block mechanisms by which the tumor develops. , grows and invades other organs.

They are smart drugs, which, when used together with chemotherapy and with new surgical techniques, allow to achieve much better outcomes. Here, we analyze the molecular characteristic of the tumor to choose the best treatment for each individual and, thus, we enter the concept of an increasingly personalized medicine.

For example, today we can say that we managed to cure patients with metastatic cancer of the colon and rectum. It’s still a fraction, but it exists! In the past, this did not happen.

Therefore, the levels of cure have been increasing, treatments have significantly improved, techniques are gentler for the patient, and research for this type of treatment is growing more and more, to find better solutions and outcomes, seeking to maintain quality of life and survival. .

Later this month, the Vencer o Câncer Institute will publicize the launch of the book “Vencer o Câncer Colorectal”, another publication from our collection that informs the lay public about prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent tumors in our country. In this space, of course, I will share with you all the details.

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