Corinthians victory in Drbi marked by a speech of pride, overcoming and lots of partying; Look

Corinthians secured a spot in another Brazilian Women’s Championship final last Saturday, beating Palmeiras 4-0 in the second game of the semifinal, at Allianz Parque. As usual, the club released this Sunday the behind-the-scenes video of the match, which shows the moments while the ball doesn’t roll.

Before the video officially begins, a compilation of moments from the ranking celebration is shown. In it, two songs stand out: “Amor de Chocolate”, for counting the four goals, and the meme “Deixa Baixo”, which went viral on social networks.

After that, the records start in chronological order. The athletes left the hotel welcomed by a group of fans and entered the bus singing songs from the crowd. Upon arrival at the Allianz, they were welcomed by all of the coaching staff and found an enveloped locker room with photos from when they were children and others of current achievements. At this moment, an atmosphere of great joy took over the place.

It’s today, the game is ours, the day is ours. We go to the final playing ball, with everything, personality, aggressiveness. We want to play a match like this and put our work where we deserve to be and seek our title. Today has to be a hell of a day for us. Football has things that I think are fantastic, that’s why we are passionate about football. It moves with passion, and big daddy moves with people connection. And our connection today is not only here, among us, but also with everything you represent, for football, for many girls, for the generation that is coming. I didn’t put your picture there (on the wall) for nothing, I asked to put your picture for you to understand that your story of struggle, your life, what you are today, and what you built , impacts a lot on a lot of people“, began the coach Arthur Elias still in the first speech before the ball rolled.

“The other thing about football that I think is fundamental and has always been is football as a social transformation. Football has always been seen here in Brazil, for men, as an opportunity for social ascension, to change their lives, and now, man, we are at a time when this is increasingly reaching you, the girls and women who will conquer this. , and you fucking represent that, so every ball dispute you win on the field, every goal you score, every time you swell the net, and celebrate like hell*, has a very big impact on all of this, on the whole process. So go all out, because you guys are f*ck. Weren’t you those little children there? Now you fuckin women and we have to play with it, trusting it. Being giants on the field, confident at all times. Good game!”, he added then, confident in his athletes.

After the coach’s speech, goalkeeper Lelê also asked for the floor. She reinforced the story of each athlete stamped on the wall, but ensured that only they know what each one went through to reach this moment and asked for maximum dedication so that a new chapter in each one’s history was written.

“Come on, it’s today, damn it. Our story is not told in its entirety on this wall, it is not even half of it. Nobody knows a third of what we went through to be here. Nobody knows what we’re capable of doing in there today. It’s for us to keep putting more history on this fucking wall, in our life, in our history. Let’s go, fuck*”, vibrated the goalkeeper.

And in between… begging for more!

Corinthians went into the break already winning 2-0 and with the aggregate score at 4-1, making the opponents’ lives very difficult in the dispute for the spot in the final. Despite this, Arthur Elias asked for even more dedication from his athletes on the field and reinforced the desire to qualify making history and with quality.

“Put* score, right. We’re 2-0 away from home, we have the advantage of the first game, but it’s football. First thing that has to be on our mind: this is football. We need to train, increase the level of concentration, stay with the ball more. We’re winning the game, we’re good, it’s a great result, we’re going to the final. We’re going to the final in your delivery, in the fight, but we have something to improve in the game. We’re going to spend everyone together and playing ball and not conceding a goal. Come on!”, asked the coach.

Final whistle = lots of celebration!

After the final whistle, the video records short talks about the athletes celebrating the classification. The Corinthians fans jumped a lot in midfield, sang songs from the crowd, filmed the celebration and also showered coach Arthur Elias with Gatorade,

This right here, oh, it’s too good“, said Mariza. “Respect this here (Corinthians), this one is big as fuck, brother. There’s a lot of history“, completed Lele. “We let the people want to beat, but they let us dream, we arrived“, said Bianca.

Once again, we really love it here (Corinthians), man. When we embrace the cause… another final, for the team that grows, the team that is big… we have a lot of wisdom. Silence wins, silence follows. We have wisdom and we go strong until the end“, said Diany. “This here is Corinthians. Don’t disbelieve, this is Corinthians“, vibrated Gabi Portilho. “Let it down, let it down… they’ll have to put up with me in the twitterat the Instagramat the tiktokI’ll let you know soon“, assured Tarciane.

Proud Teacher!

Finally, the celebration continued in the locker room. The Corinthians fans celebrated their spot in the final with songs, sang cheers from the crowd, vibrated the personalized wall again and greeted each other. After that, Arthur Elias resumed the word and expressed his happiness, wanting the athletes to feel the two feelings of the moment: joy and pride.

More than listening, I want you to feel this moment. Feel the joy of being here, of having played a historic game that everyone will remember, the joy of building all this, a sixth final, for so long, some, others that arrived now and add, I want you to feel that. And feel proud. Proud of who you are. It’s not just tactics, dedication, it’s not isolated or common things… for me, a victory like that and what we’ve been living for some time, these last few weeks, month, the answer is being given through the values ​​of each one here. Who are you? Fucking congratulations, congratulations. Thank you for the support always, president, Cris, but whoever plays football, enters the field, are you athletes, so enjoy as fuck. You’ll have the day off tomorrow (Sunday), you’ll have the day off Monday too… enjoy”, said the coach.

Check out the full video about the Corinthians classification

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