De Vries escapes feathers, has insomnia and talks with Verstappen

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Nyck de Vries escaped with a reprimand after being summoned by the commissioners of the FIA after your first run formula 1 at the Italian GP, ​​for an “erratic driving”.

The Dutchman spent most of the race defending Zhou Guanyu. The Chinese was within a second of De Vries for most of the race but was unable to tackle Alex Albon’s replacement as the two were caught in a DRS train behind Pierre Gasly.

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The time of the incident cited by the stewards was recorded at 16:15 local time under the safety car period at the end of the race.

This is due to a moment when de Vries suddenly stopped behind Gasly, having reduced his speed to stay above ‘delta time’, the minimum time all riders must run for such conditions.

Having heard evidence from de Vries and Williams, the stewards chided him and nothing more, having accepted that the driver was not completely familiar with all the car’s systems and had not received advice from the team.

Sleepless night and advice

De Vries admitted that he “was up all night” ahead of his F1 debut. The Dutchman finished his rookie race in ninth.

“All the last 24 hours were just a dream,” said the pilot. “I didn’t really have a lot of time to think because everything was so rushed. I had really bad sleep, it went from excitement to nervousness and I didn’t even dare look at my sleep tracking because I basically stayed up all night.

“But maybe it helped me. I couldn’t think and had to get on with the work.

De Vries came close to receiving a lane limit penalty in the race, which he said was due to “high-speed balance”.

“At the beginning of the race I wasn’t too happy with the high speed balance,” he added. “And that kind of always forced me to open the corners more. I had a hard time turning the car, especially on the two Lesmos.

“So with the sort of adjustment for the second part, I felt the balance was in a better window and that helped me to be cleaner and safer at the edges of the track.”

De Vries said compatriot and Italian GP winner Max Verstappen had offered him some “gentle” advice ahead of his first start and was “thankful” for the support he had from several drivers over the weekend.

“He was kind,” said de Vries when asked what Verstappen had told him on the grid. “We had some messages last night, just this morning. Lewis [Hamilton] congratulated me, everyone was very supportive and very kind.

“Max came up to me and said ‘it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be good, you’re going to be fine’. Just get off to a good start and get through it.’

“So thank you for the support and I’m also very grateful to all the fans who voted me rider of the day.”

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