Discover 4 professions that pay the HIGHEST salaries in Brazil

Falling incomes and life in the pinch are two major incentives for many Brazilians to seek professions that guarantee better pay. There are more than 33 million people earning equal to or less than the minimum wage. If you want to start over and don’t know where to go, get to know 4 professions that pay very high salaries in Brazil.

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With the wide range of courses on the internet, many of which are even free, it is possible to improve the curriculum in search of a new opportunity or even bet on the complete transition career. And keeping in mind that the simple taste for the profession does not fill the belly, as the popular expression already points out, it is worth reviewing the plans.

Professions that pay very high salaries

If you are going to target the goal based on the positions that pay the highest salaries, this list will certainly help you. In any case, you need to think about the scenario now and in the coming years to plan your career well.

The survey was carried out by the company Catho, which has been working with recruitment and job classifieds since 1977. To get to the professions that remunerate better, the average salary of careers in Brazil was considered.

According to the data analyzed, the position of Sales Consultant was the one with the highest remuneration. The average salary of professionals in Brazil is R$ 33 thousand. Next, we have as a prominent position the Commercial Manager. The professionals currently in this vacancy have an average remuneration of R$ 25 thousand, according to Catho and the salaries offered in the companies that advertise on the platform.

See that the emphasis goes to the sales, management and administration sector.

The third position is that of Commercial Director. Even though salaries varyare on average R$ 24.5 thousand.

The fourth position is occupied by professionals Solutions Architects. They are in the technology area with an average salary of BRL 24,300.

In fact, the IT area is today one that guarantees a lot of appreciation both in Brazil and abroad. Thus, despite the survey with the professions that pay very high salaries, there are still some other careers that provide good opportunities for growth and attractive remuneration.

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