Djavan reveals details about his health after rumors of having Parkinson’s

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One of the best known names of MPB, the Alagoan Djavanat the age of 73, leaves for a new challenge in his victorious career. He has just released the album “D”, even doing an unprecedented duet with Milton Nascimento. However, one of the main topics debated by the musician’s fans is his state of health.

It is not today that his admirers suspect that Djavan suffers from Parkinson’s, neurological disease that affects a person’s movement, causing tremors, slowness of movement, muscle stiffness, imbalance, and changes in speech and writing.

Rumors that the artist had the disease emerged after he showed tremors in several public appearances.

In an interview with O Globo, published this Saturday (10), Djavan opened up the game and revealed what, in fact, caused his tremors.

“Zero disease. I had a thing called essential tremor. Some have it on their hands, others on their legs. I had it in my head. It was f*ck because you show up and that already comes out, you could see it right away. And it’s very emotional. If you’re worried, that’s accentuated. The doctor detected it, medicated me and I got well. I didn’t have anything else. It is a dysfunction caused by lack of sleep. The less you sleep, the more prone you are to essential tremor. I’ve never been the guy who slept the most in my life. I’m better now”, reported Djavan.

Essential tremor is a neurological movement disorder that usually affects the hands, but it can also affect the head, voice and legs, often being confused with Parkinson’s, as was the case with the artist.

He also revealed that he has a medical team to take care of health. Djavan said, too, that he thinks more about his well-being than his looks.

“I never look at it. I think the best way to deal with vanity is to know that it ‘is essential, but it slips’. I never thought of myself as a cat. What matters to me is health. I do not give up that. I have a team, an anthroposophic doctor (alternative medicine) who has been taking care of me for many years. Age only appears when health strays a little. As long as there is health, there is willingness and freedom to do what you want,” she said.

Controlled diet and exercise

The musician follows a controlled diet and practices physical exercises. “I eat well. I don’t eat sugar, fried food or red meat. I eat a lot of fruit and drink a lot of water, which is everything in this life. Even for the belly, it dilutes the fat. I also try not to get stressed, that stress is a plague. I do pilates and walk on the treadmill,” he said.

Djavan starts work on the Mundo Stage, in Rock in Rioat 6 pm this Saturday (10).

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