Elizabeth II left a letter in Australia that cannot be read until 2085

posted on 9/11/2022 9:00 pm / updated on 9/11/2022 9:01 pm

  (credit: Frank Augstein / POOL / AFP)

(credit: Frank Augstein / POOL / AFP)

Before dying, last Thursday (8/09), Queen Elizabeth II left a letter to be read from the year 2085. According to information from the British tabloid Mirror, the document is sealed and stored in the Queen Victoria Building ( Queen Victoria Building) in Sydney, Australia.

Written in 1986, the letter is addressed to the mayor and people of Sydney. The content, however, was never revealed.

The letter’s instructions read as follows: “Greetings. On a suitable day to be chosen by you in the year 2085, please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message to them.”

The building, which currently houses a shopping mall, opened in 1898 and was named in honor of the Diamond Jubilee of then-Queen Victoria, Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother.

Former British colonies, Australia and New Zealand are independent but retain the King or Queen of England as head of state.

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