Elza Soares receives tribute and gives a message on RiR: ‘A woman does what she wants’ – 09/11/2022

When this edition of Rock in Rio was closed, Elza Soares had already agreed to return to the Sunset stage, where she performed in 2017. Having died in January of this year, she was honored by a meeting of artists she inspired: Larissa Luz, Gaby Amarantos, Mart ‘nália, Agnes Nunes, Majur and Caio Prado. In the repertoire, the exaltation of women — precisely on the day that the festival adopted an entirely female line up, baptized as “Dia Delas”.

“The woman does what she wants, she gives it to whoever she wants”, said Elza, in a video shown on a big screen at the beginning of the presentations.

To the screams of an audience that appeared to be mostly women, the artists sang “A Carne”. Then, Gaby Amarantos recalled that Elza is also her mother’s name and, moved, observed how much the artist used compositions by women in her trajectory.

“Elza was a platform for us women. Everywhere she took us with her”, recalled the paraense before singing “Morro”, by Dona Ivone Lara and Mauro Duarte.

Tribute to Elza Soares at Rock in Rio - Zo Guimarães/UOL - Zo Guimarães/UOL

Gaby Amarantos pays tribute to Elza Soares at Rock in Rio

Image: Zo Guimarães/UOL

One of the highlights of this Sunday afternoon was when Caio Prado entered the stage with a look in which half represented the uniform of the Brazilian Soccer Team and, in the other, a red dress appeared.

“This costume presents the possibility of dialogue, of exchange, because the country needs to resume democracy”, explained the artist to universe before the show.

And before performing his song “Não Recommended” (“Perverted, ill loved, evil boy”), Caio heard from the audience a “out, Bolsonaro”.

The song was chosen by Elza for her album “Planeta Fome”. “[O episódio] it was remarkable for me, because as a black body and black fag I need reassurance all the time. A patronage of Elza Soares is unparalleled.”

Tribute to Elza Soares at Rock in Rio 2022 - Reproduction/Multishow - Reproduction/Multishow

Larissa Luz and Caio Prado pay tribute to Elza Soares at Rock in Rio

Image: Playback/Multishow

And after interpreting “Dura na Queda”, a song that Chico Buarque gave Elza, Larissa Luz also paid attention to the importance of reaffirming black bodies.

“This is a show to celebrate our existence and how we are taking care of the black people of this country,” she said, to loud applause. And watched by women in tears, she sang “Maria da Vila Matilde”, about violence against women (“Where’s my cell phone? I’ll call to eight zero / I’ll give your name and explain my address”).

Elza sang until the end of her life. And his voice continued to echo at Rock in Rio. In the song chosen to close the presentation, the artists repeated the chorus of “Mulher do Fim do Mundo”, with the artist interpreting the lyrics in the background, in a recording made two days before her death.

“Elza’s legacy is forever. She was a lot of fighting together and passed us this baton. We’re going to keep fighting”, concluded Gaby Amarantos to universe.

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