Ex-participant of “A Fazenda” goes through an embarrassing situation at Rock in Rio; Celebrity was accompanied by a friend


Carol Narizinho was barred from entering a cabin at the festival

Photo: Twitter/Carol Narizinho
Photo: Twitter/Carol Narizinho

Carol Narizinho faced an embarrassing situation on the penultimate night of Rock in Rio concerts, which took place this Saturday (10th). She was stopped when she tried to enter the cabin of the Volkswagen. The reason is that the ex-Fazenda wanted to enter with a friend, whose name was not on the list, and the two ended up being prevented from entering.

According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the website Em Off, the former panicat called promoter Carol Sampaio to get the two to enter. Sampaio confirmed that the famous’s name was on the list, but informed that she was not authorized to enter with a companion.

At the place, there were other famous and influencers who were scared to realize that the former panicat was barred. After a long conversation, little nose managed to convince the promoter and was allowed to enter together with her friend in the area of Volkswagenwhere they enjoyed the festival.

It is worth noting that several other people were barred when trying to enter the same sector. Among them are sub-celebrities and digital influencers, who tried to enter after realizing that the ex-Fazenda managed to enter. However, these people ended up not being able to enter the area of Volkswagen.

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