Ferrari criticizes FIA and ‘justifies’ boos at Verstappen at Monza

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Ferrari boss at formula 1Mattia Binotto criticized the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for the fact that the race director of the body for the category ended the GP gives Italy under safety car, preventing the Monegasque’s attack Charles Leclerc The Max verstappenby Red Bull.

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With that, the Dutchman didn’t even need to defend himself from his rival Ferrari and won an easy victory in Monza. And in the post-race interview, Verstappen was widely booed at the circuit located outside Milan.

According to Binotto, however, the crowd’s demonstration was not against the Dutchman, but criticism of the race direction, which prevented the battle between Leclerc and the Red Bull driver in the final stages of the race.

“Booing a rider is never good, especially if the rider is Max, who was the fastest rider on the track today and deserved to win. However, I think that the boos of our typhoid (Ferrari fans) went more to the FIA”, argued the Italian manager.

“Booing the winner simply means they were booing the FIA. People believed that the safety car could have been retracted, which would have resulted in some laps (under the green flag) for on-track battles,” added Binotto, for whom “F1 deserves it.” better job” of the FIA.

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