Fies brings a new possibility and will allow a big discount: who is entitled?

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According to a measure published in the Official Gazette of the Union, the Ministry of Education (MEC) authorized a 12% discount on the debts of the Education Financing Fund (Fies) for debts not in arrears. However, to have access to the discount, it is necessary to make the payment in cash.

Students who were already in the debt settlement phase on December 30, 2021, but delayed the payment of installments by more than 90 days, will also be able to count on the discount. In this way, the discount can reach 99% of the total debt amount and varies according to the candidate’s profile.

Anyone interested can look for financial agents between September 1 and December 31, 2022.

New rules

students without delay

For cash payment of installments that still need to be paid – 12% discount.

Students 90 days late

For cash payment – ​​Discount on all charges (such as interest and fees) and 12% on the principal amount;

Exemption from all charges, with no discount on the principal amount, and can be divided into 150 installments (each installment must be at least R$ 200.00).

Students with delays of more than 365 days, who have been beneficiaries of the Emergency Aid 2021 or who are enrolled in CadÚnico

For cash payment – ​​92% discount on the total debt amount.

Students with delays of more than 5 years, who have been beneficiaries of the 2021 Emergency Aid or who are enrolled in CadÚnico

For cash payment – ​​99% discount on the total debt amount.


Fies, created in 2018, is a federal government program that aims to promote access to credit to finance higher education courses offered by private institutions.

Since 2018, the program has been offered in two modalities: Fies, which is managed by the federal government, where there is no interest rate for students with a family income of up to three minimum wages per person; and P-Fies, which counts on resources from constitutional funds and private banks, due to which interest is charged.

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