Have you ever thought about owning a language franchise? Check out 8 options with LOW investment

First, it is necessary to mention that franchises, in addition to being an excellent investment option, tend to grow more and more. That is, it is an excellent cost-effective opportunity for those looking to start a business. Currently, more than 170 thousand units spread across Brazil make up this number. The estimate is somewhat positive.

Therefore, it is a great option for people who want to start an investment but don’t know how to get started. Or even, for those who aim at a relatively low initial cost, in order to recover the values ​​provided in a brief way. Therefore, if you are interested in the subject, or even want to start in this branch of the market, it is worth checking the best options.

Have you ever thought about owning a language franchise?
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How franchises work

First of all, it is valid to understand how a franchise works. It is a network of specific stores, focused on a standard “model”, which can cover the entire country. That is, considering the rules, it is possible to take a franchise of a certain brand, to different cities and regions. Ease is precisely one of the great differentials.

These stores tend to follow specific rules. That is, they are standardized according to the official headquarters. This process draws the attention of many people, as it serves as a basis for those who do not have much information about the creative stage of a business. The models range from the setting and designerto the uniforms used and products sold.

Also, creating a franchise is beneficial for both sides, considering the brand creator, and those looking to invest. This is because, for the creator, it will be a way to promote their product, taking it to different places in the country. For the investor, it is a starting point for starting a business, mainly considering the success of the brand in question. Therefore, franchises can range from food products to clothing and accessories brands.

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language franchises

Now that you have a better understanding of how franchising works, it is worth mentioning some investment options. In advance, it is enough to analyze the current context of society to understand that language learning has become an increasingly collective interest. For this reason, the new successful trend is franchises aimed at language schools. Therefore, check out some indications, with initial costs above R$16 thousand:

1. Beetools, the language school

The franchise’s initial investment takes into account the franchisee’s labor and professional experience. Thus, the cost can vary from R$16 thousand to R$290 thousand. The network has a successful partnership with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which is responsible for the largest private educational testing organization, and has more than 20 units located in Brazil. The estimated payback is 15 to 30 months. In this way, learn how to have a franchise through the official platform (www.beetools.com.br).

2. Learning Fun

With the expected return for the first 12 months, the language school is geared towards early childhood education. Currently, there are about 120 franchises spread across Brazil. To become a franchisee, the initial cost is around R$20,000. To be part of the company, however, it is necessary to have at least basic notions about management and entrepreneurship. However, check the website for details (www.learningfun.com.br).

3. The Kid Club

With one of the most affordable investments on the list, the initial cost is R$23,000. The school is also geared towards early childhood education. That is, for children. There are more than 41 units in Brazil, and in addition, the system has the option of home-based, which consists of taking education to the student, in addition to physical schools. The brand’s revenue varies between R$12 and R$15 thousand. See more information on the official platform (www.thekidsclub.com.br).

4. CNA

Surely, you’ve heard of CNA (Cultural North American). The company is already present in the market for over 45 years of experience, offering classes in English and Spanish. Due to the great success, there are now more than 650 schools in different parts of the country. To become a franchisee, you must initially invest R$50,000. The estimated return is very fast, considering a period of 24 to 48 months. Check out more details on the CNA website (www.cna.com.br).

5. Rockefeller Language Center

In advance, the expected return for a franchisee is 12 to 36 months, considering a turnover of R$120 thousand. Currently, there are about 100 units located in different regions of the country. To invest, an initial cost of R$70,000 is required. This value considers the entire structure and qualifications of the company, taking into account the franchisee’s professionalism. Learn how to be a franchisee (rockfeller.com.br).

6. KNN Languages

It is the fifth best language franchise in Brazil, considering the data released by the ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association). The initial investment cost is R$80 thousand, with a return over a period of 18 to 24 months. The company has more than 500 franchisees, and aims to increasingly qualify the name of the headquarters, through excellent work. See more information in the company (www.knnidiomas.com.br).

7. Wizard

Wizard By Pearson is one of the biggest language franchises today, and possibly you know a nearby city that has it. There are more than 1,200 units throughout the country, and it is one of the most sought after by those who want to learn a new language. Therefore, the initial cost is R$110,000, and has the same billing estimate, considering a period of 18 to 24 months. Check the details on the Wizard platform (www.wizard.com.br).

8. Yázigi

Finally, with the highest initial cost on the list, the franchise is part of Pearson (the largest learning company in the world). The amount to invest is R$270 thousand. In addition, the calculated profit margin is 20% to 30%. Regarding the return, the estimate is 18 to 36 months. However, there are more than 240 units around the country, with excellent teaching qualifications. Find out more on the official website (www.yazigi.com.br).

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