How to take advantage of Nubank’s cashback of up to R$ 1.5 THOUSAND?

Can you imagine being able to shop and get your money back? The benefit has become common in recent years and is called cashback, money back in English. It’s a way companies use to encourage customers to buy more. In practice, cashback works as a kind of discount for buyers.

In this way, both parties gain an advantage. The customer, who gets his money back, and the company who gets loyalty. Nubank started a partnership that returns up to R$ 1500.00 in cashback purchases. Find out how to request the value by reading this article.

cashback-up to-R$-1.5-MIL-from-Nubank
Nubank’s partnership with Shoppe allows customers to receive cashback – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Nubank announces partnership with Shoppe

Cashback is a partnership with Shoppe. The famous Brazilian bank has teamed up with the Singapore platform to offer up to BRL 1500.00 back to its customers per month. First, Shoppe is an online product sales platform. You can find everything there: clothes, accessories, household items, books, etc. There are even products that are difficult to find in physical markets, but are sold in the app stores.

Meanwhile, Nubank is one of the largest banks in Latin America. He is known for his ease in opening accounts as well as applying for credit card limits and loans. Finally, it has an investment portfolio that attracts people interested in investing their money. Cashback is another advantage for its customers, as they can replace their online shopping expenses at Shoppe.

Naturally, to have access to Nubank’s cashback, it is necessary to have a bank account. Also, you need to be a Shoppe customer. Interested parties can create a bank account through the website To install Shoppe, you need to look for the app in the cell phone store.

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See how to request your money back

After creating the account, the user needs to follow the steps below to activate the cashback. Open the bank application; Click on the menu; Choose the shopping option; Select Shoppe offer; Read the information; Agree to the terms; Wait for the cashback to be activated and start shopping.

The cashback value varies according to the purchase price, and shipping is not included in the calculation. The maximum amount the user can get back is BRL 50.00 per purchase and BRL 1,500.00 per month.

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