‘I feel the weight of history’

King Charles III, 73, spoke this morning for the first time to the British parliament and said he felt “the weight of history” after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last week.

Charles’ speech took place at a ceremony that brought the two Houses together in Westminster. He was accompanied by the queen consort, Camilla.

“Before you, I cannot help but feel the weight of the history that surrounds us and that reminds us of the vital parliamentary traditions to which the members of the two Chambers are so committed,” he said to the representatives of the House of Commons and the Chamber of Deputies. of the Lords.

Charles recalled his “beloved mother”‘s “unsurpassed dedication” to the country and her duties, promising to serve the same principles. Then, quoting William Shakespeare again, he stated that Elizabeth II was “a model of life on all principles”.

Members of parliament also spoke during the ceremony and offered their condolences to Charles.

Shortly after the speech, Charles and Camilla departed for Edinburgh, Scotland, where the new king will continue Elizabeth’s farewell rites across the United Kingdom. He will open the Queen’s public wake, which will be held at St. Gilles.

The monarch’s body arrived in the city yesterday and will remain at the religious headquarters until tomorrow. From there, he will be transferred to London, where from Wednesday (14) he will be in a new public funeral for another four days in Westminster.

The Queen will be buried on 19 September in the George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Palace, next to her father’s grave.

*With information from AFP and ANSA

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