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THE apple releases this Monday (12) the iOS 16 for the iPhones (check all compatible models). The operating system brings lock screen with new customization options, smarter focus mode and new memojis.

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O g1 listed below the main new features of the software and shows how to update your device.

  • Lockscreen: iOS 16 has more customization options with photos, clock styles, and widgets. Apple still lets you make the unlock screen more fun, with color and animation options;
  • Advanced Notifications: The company will allow users to insert widgets with real-time information on the mobile’s locked screen. It will be possible, for example, to follow the arrival of the app driver without having to unlock the iPhone;
  • Notifications in new position: app alerts have moved and are now at the bottom of the display, which helps you manage each notification, leaving more space at the top for customizations;
  • Focus mode: in iOS 16, Apple expanded the focus mode. Users can create profiles for when they are working or at rest;
  • Messages: in the new system, the application allows you to edit texts after they have been sent and even cancel messages shared by mistake;
  • New memojis: During the developer conference, Apple promised that iOS 16 will have more memojis and ways to customize these avatars;
  • Fitness: in iOS 16, the Fitness app is available even if you don’t have an Apple Watch. The app will use iPhone sensors to track users’ movement and exercise;
  • Drums: the iPhone’s battery icon displays the percentage (information that didn’t appear before), eliminating the need to check capacity in the control center or via widgets.

Which devices are compatible with iOS 16

Apple said that all iPhones from the model 8 are compatible with the new operating system. This also means that iPhones 6s (2015) and 7 (2016) will not receive iOS 16. Check out the compatible models below:

  • iPhone 13 (mini, Pro and Pro Max);
  • iPhone SE (2022)
  • iPhone 12 (mini, Pro and Pro Max);
  • iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max);
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone XS (XS Max);
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone 8 (Plus).

iOS 16 being installed on iPhone 11 — Photo: Darlan Helder/g1

To install the system, just access your iPhone settings. See below:

  • Click on “Settings”;
  • Then “General”;
  • “Software update”;
  • And finally, install the latest version (iOS 16).

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