iOS 16 will have features that require at least A12 Bionic or iPhone 12

This Monday (12), the date set for the availability of the new iOS 16 – made official during the event on September 7 – arrives for compatible iPhones. However, not all cell phone models will be covered with the maximum resources that the system can offer.

Some features will require the presence of the A12 Bionic chip or higher – such as background blur on objects for apps like Photos, Screenshot, Quick View and Safari. The component was released with the iPhone XS in 2018.

Also in this example, the new Japanese, Korean and Ukrainian languages ​​for live text capture are included, as well as the possibility to end a call with Siri. The Camera app also needs the component or successor to make calls, log into websites, convert currencies and translate languages ​​from images.

Other features will require at least an iPhone 12 or newer – such as the magnifying glass detection mode. In the case of the more realistic background blur in portraits and the improvements to the Cinematic Mode come exclusively to the iPhone 13 family. In turn, this 4K cinema mode and the Action Mode can only be enjoyed on the latest iPhone family. 14.

This means that users of an iPhone 8, for example, will even be able to update the device to iOS 16 from this Monday, but they will not have the news restricted to newer models.

Will your iPhone get all these features from the new OS version? What do you think about resource restrictions by hardware or model? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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