Is Professional PC good? We tested and opened the Lenovo Thinkstation P348

We experience what a professional-ready PC has to offer

We usually build our own PCs around here, locally created organically and without additives, but not everyone is that hipster. For greater practicality, especially the people focused on work and less excited to keep turning over graphs and more graphs of benchmarks, and prefer a ready-made kit offered by a company that, in addition to the machine, also brings additional support to take this worry out of their heads .

Today we are going to take a look at one of these solutions, the ThinkStation P348. Is it worth leaving Lenovo to assemble your PC? Or was it better to have done it yourself? Let’s find out!

Lenovo Thinkstation P348 official website

Thinkstation P438 design

The Thinkstation P348 has a super-compact design, making it smaller than even the most common Micro-ATX machines and making it a great choice for anyone who needs to maximize their desk space. One of the most interesting design elements is the change in position of the USB. Due to a custom mainboard that goes to the front of the case, Lenovo has put six ports on the front, much more than the commonplace in a PC, let alone a compact one like this.

Something curious is to see standards that are practically in disuse in our coverage of Adrena, which addresses computers more aimed at enthusiasts, reappearing in this model, such as the serial connection or VGA. For a gaming PC it doesn’t make sense, but for a work environment with some older parts, even the two PS/2 connections for mouse and keyboard can be of some use.

Despite not being the focus of the product, after all it is made to be bought and used, without any kind of consumer interference on the inside, we opened it to take a look at how the construction of the P348 is. You can see our impressions in the video below:

To see the level of performance delivered by this bench, we put the Thinkstation P348 through two different batteries of tests: one for processors, to see how the Core i7 11700 does, and another for the graphics card, to see how the RTX 3060 used by Lenovo performs in our tests.

Tested machine configuration:

– Intel Core i7-1170
– Windows 11 Pro
– 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 UDIMM 3200MHz
– 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
– 3 year on-site warranty
– RTX3060 12GB
– USB mouse Calliope Mouse Black
– Network: Gigabit Ethernet Port11AX (2×2) & Bluetooth® 5.2
– Source: 500W
– Cost: BRL 11,699.99
– purchase link

Video card-focused performance test

Processor-focused performance testing

Thinkstation P348 is worth it

It is very curious to see a machine built with the logic of performance, but without worrying so much about the specifics of the games. First is simplicity: no bold designs, bold colors or lights. Thinkstation is all about efficiency, so it dispenses with anything that isn’t strictly necessary. Even the mainboard cable is not a 24-pin, but a 10-pin with just what is needed for this config. Anything Lenovo can save, plus it can lower the price of the final product or increase its profit margin.

Interesting to see a machine that drops the perfumery and extras of a gamer machine, and focuses only on what is necessary

Some of the decisions negatively impact available performance. The Core i7-11700 processor is clearly the most underused part, as the cooler is more modest and the boost setting is much lower, so especially in very single-thread games or applications, it has its performance reduced by almost half and made it more similar to what a Ryzen 5 5500 or a Core i5-12400F delivers on our gaming benches.

But even with the downgrades, this is a good performing machine. Where the thing really catches up is in the cost. A Thinkstation P348 with the same configuration as the one used in our tests (Core i7-11700, RTX 3060) is being sold for R$12 thousand. This is expensive even by the standards of this type of product, with Dell selling the 12th Gen Intel Core RTX 3060 and Core i7 combo for close to its XPS lineup.

Versus the gaming PC, we see models with Core i7 and higher video cards for half the price. This already makes it quite clear: just because of the configuration, this type of computer doesn’t make sense. You can build a similar configuration, spend half and still get an RTX 3060 Ti instead of the RTX 3060, without any difficulties.

While the video card performs very similarly to the gaming PC model, the Core i7 processor is much more restricted.

But a product like this isn’t just about the hardware itself, it’s about other added elements. The first is that Thinstation is already validated by multiple industry standards and in the case of the P348 we are talking about big names like Adobe, Altair ANSYS, Autodesk, AVID, Barco, Bentley, Dassault, McKesson, Nemetschek, PTC and Siemens. The full list can be seen at this link here, and it is quite extensive. Nothing prevents a person from researching the parts and assembling a machine with excellent performance in all these applications, but for those who do not want to go through analysis and more analysis of Adrenaline, here is a solution that has already been validated for what they need.

The second reason is the broad support. This machine is already supported 24/7/365 with a three-year on-site warranty. We opened the machine to take a look inside, but the truth is that this is a product whose logic is not to do that, but to activate the warranty for any need and have the technician attend to the place where the machine is installed. The price of the product also brings that convenience built in that, for someone who doesn’t want to deal with IT issues, the support service is added to this product.

The cost is certainly not worth it when you look at the components and performance. A machine like the Thinkstation P348 is for someone also looking for Lenovo support, both in machine validation tests for various software, as well as technical assistance.

At the end of the day I believe that an average Adrenaline user will still prefer to continue choosing parts and assembling their machine., seeking to maximize the benefits of your investment and leveraging your own experience in building a PC. But for someone who doesn’t want to go anywhere near the stress of these issues, several decisions to trade more aggressive boosts for more stability make sense in a work environment and prolonged use, and coupled with the convenience of technical support, it can be a good choice for anyone willing to pay the high cost to let Lenovo handle these issues of creating an efficient machine and keeping it running so you can focus on other aspects of your work and business.

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