Justice keeps Allan Turnowski, former secretary of the Civil Police of Rio, in prison

RIO – The Court of Justice of Rio maintained the preventive detention of Allan Turnowski, delegate and former secretary of the Civil Police, arrested on the morning of Friday, 9th. The decision was rendered in a custody hearing held this Saturday, 10th, in Central de Custodia de Benfica, by judge Rafael de Almeida Rezende.

Turnowski was arrested at home in Operation Eagle in the Head. The action was led by the Special Action Group for the Repression of Organized Crime (Gaeco) of the Public Ministry of Rio. The delegate is investigated for criminal organization and involvement with the animal game. He had resigned from the state government position to seek a seat in the Chamber of Deputies in the 2022 elections by the PL.

The former director of the Homicide Division, delegate Antonio Ricardo, candidate for state deputy for Podemos, was searched and apprehended in the same action.

Turnowski’s preventive detention was decreed by the 1st Specialized Criminal Court of Rio. At the custody hearing this Saturday, the defense of the former secretary asked for the replacement of the preventive detention by several precautionary ones from the prison. The request was rejected by the magistrate.

“It would go against the logic of reasonableness for the natural judge, recognizing the ‘danger to freedom’ of the subject of the measure (periculum libertatis), to decree his temporary or preventive detention, and the judge of the Custody Hearing Center to revoke the decision so then the order was carried out. It does not seem reasonable to admit that a judicial authority that is completely unaware of the procedure will modify the decision of the judge who is aware of it and adequately substantiated its decision”, justified the magistrate, according to a note from the TJRJ.

Deputy and ex-secretary Allan Turnowski had the prison kept by the Justice
Deputy and ex-secretary Allan Turnowski had the prison kept by the Justice Photograph: Marcos de Paula/State Agency

For Rezende, the arrest was formally correct. “The arrest warrant was regularly issued and is within the validity period, and there is no news that the decision was later changed by the natural court or in appeal,” he said in the decision. “Consequently, the decision of the natural judgment must be upheld on its own grounds.”

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Judge Joaquim Domingos de Almeida Neto, from the 7th Criminal Chamber of the TJ do Rio, had already rejected on Friday, 9, the habeas corpus request filed by Turnowski’s defense. The judge understood that there was no flagrant illegality and that the magistrate’s motivation to order preventive detention was based on concrete data.

In addition to Turnowski, delegates Maurício Demétrio (already arrested by another court order) and Marcelo José Araújo de Oliveira were arrested. In Operation Eagle in the Head, 22 search and seizure warrants were also issued. The MP accuses the delegates of participating in a criminal scheme with a group that exploits the animal game.

“The robust body of evidence produced during the investigations revealed that police delegates Mauricio Demétrio and Allan Turnowski were part of a criminal organization inserted in the universe that emerged from the exploitation of the animal game, at the heart of the dispute between the groups led by Fernando Iggnácio, executed in November 2020, and Rogério de Andrade, for the estate of the late Castor de Andrade,” the Rio Public Ministry said in a statement.

The group would have conspired against Paes, who reacts

According to TV Globo’s RJTV news program, the MP’s complaint shows that Turnowski and Demétrio were planning to jeopardize a possible candidacy of Rio de Janeiro’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, for the state government. Heard by the report, the mayor said that the state machine was used in a mafia scheme.

“This mafia scheme that uses state agents to harm opponents defeated me in 2018. They tried the same in 20 and again in 21. What do you mean, the governor thinks he has nothing to do?”, asked Mayor Eduardo Paes, this Sunday, 11th, when reproducing the RJTV report on his Twitter account.

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The current governor and candidate for reelection, Claudio Castro (PL), former boss of Turnowski, said that the mayor should demand investigations and responses from the Public Ministry and Justice.

The accused will answer for the practice of various crimes. They are: integrating criminal organization, active and passive corruption and violation of functional secrecy. The combined penalties exceed 30 years of imprisonment. Conviction leads to loss of public office.

Delegates deny irregularities and criticize operation

Delegates deny wrongdoing. Turnowski’s defense attributed the operation to political motives. Ricardo stressed, in a note, that nothing compromising was found in the searches. He also questioned the police action against the alleged criminal group, requested by the Public Ministry and determined by the Justice. The report did not locate the defenses of Demétrio and Araújo.

Turnowski headed the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police for the first time between 2010 and 2011. In 2020, he returned to the position, elevated to secretary. The Security Secretariat was extinguished in the Wilson Witzel government (then in the PSC), and the Civil and Military Police became independent secretariats. Cláudio Castro took over the government in 2020, after the removal and subsequent impediment of Witzel.

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