Lexa says that the show at Rock in Rio will have almost 30 dancers and a full band: ‘I’ll be at home’ | Rock in Rio 2022

Lexa is the main attraction of Espaço Favela do Rock in Rio this Sunday (11). At the end of August, she released the EP “Magnéticah”, with four very pop songs that will be at Rock in Rio.

To g1, the funkeira tells how the show will be, formed by blocks of old songs, hits and news. She also spoke about the invasion of agro in pop culture (“Pantanal”, “Pipoco”, visual agrogirl) and praised the partnership with Pabllo Vittar.

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Rock In Rio Agenda: Dua Lipa, Coldplay and everything that will happen in the second week of the festival

Rock In Rio Agenda: Dua Lipa, Coldplay and everything that will happen in the second week of the festival

g1 – What can you say about the Rock in Rio concert?

Lexa – There’s going to be a block of oldies, which my fans haven’t listened to in a long time, and a block of greatest hits. And the block of the new EP. We will also have different dance elements… There will be almost 30 dancers on stage. The band is my usual band, with bass, guitar, drums and keyboards.

g1 – It’s normal for popstars not to have a band, they usually sing with at most one drummer, sometimes just with someone dropping the bases with an MPC [Music Production Center, aparelho para mixagem de sons]. Why do you insist on having a band? Does it warm up?

Lexa – Yes, but it’s not just hot. I want to feel free, I’m harmonica, I play instruments… I come from funk, but it’s a pop show.

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Sometimes I want to sing music from other artists deciding on the spot. With the band it is more malleable. And it has all the quality that musicians deliver. The sound has much more weight.

g1 – I agree too much. Will the show have guest appearances?

Lexa – There will be no shares. I mean, so far there won’t be.

Lexa in the video for ‘Cavalgada’, feat with Pabllo Vittar — Photo: Disclosure

g1 – So, there won’t be Pabllo?

Lexa – I do not think so. Pabllo will be working, there are a lot of events outside Brazil. So, the schedule is complicated…

g1 – Speaking of Pabllo, what was it like recording with her?

Lexa – Sensational, light… It’s easy to work with professional people, so it was a delight. We are very good friends and I saw a need for us to do something together. Besides liking it, I’m a fan of Pabllo and I want to do something with her, I wanted to work. It was a sweet and delicious meeting. I sent her another song but she said she wanted a more danceable one and then she liked this one [“Cavalgada”].

g1 – What was the other song?

Lexa – It was “Tsunami”, which is on the EP as well. I thought of a very pop aesthetic for the whole EP, but “Cavalgada” is more danceable, has more choreography.

Cover of Lexa’s ‘Magnéticah’ EP — Photo: Ernna Cost/Disclosure

g1 – As they say here at Globo, agro is pop. Even more so now with ‘Pipoco’, ‘Pantanal’, agronejo… Was your idea to enter this universe?

Lexa – [Risos] It was total. We had already thought about it, we already had several ideas ready. I saw that Beyonce posted pictures with a horse, she has the hottest soap opera at the moment, everything is talking. The fans wanted an external clip and the lyrics are suggestive… We did a part in the footprint and the part of Pabllo has a little swing for her. It has our roots, but it was harmonic. You can understand the part of each one and the part that joins the voices.

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g1 – The sertanejos were increasingly taking elements from funk and pop. Is it natural that you have this opposite movement now?

Lexa – The good thing about being an artist is being able to innovate all the time, using all the elements and rhythms. We have this impression of the sertanejo look within funk. I think that’s why the feats started to work so well. When you join two forces, two different jobs, it unifies and works very well. It’s an idea to combine an agrogirl look with pop, and funk. Opening the fan and leaving the house is very nice.

Lexa and Pabllo in the video for ‘Cavalgada’ – Photo: Disclosure

g1 – How was your break from the nets and why did you decide to do this?

Lexa – My break was strategic. I needed to focus on my projects and people miss you on the networks. When it comes back, its audience is bigger. I have a degree in marketing and I used the knowledge within this project of mine. I had never gone two days without posting on social media. I also needed energy for my work. When I came back, the audience was four times bigger. I gained 100k followers in one day.

g1 – You are on a Rock in Rio day that only has women on all stages. Does this show that it is having an evolution, with more diversity? Before, unfortunately, it was unthinkable to have a day like this and it was normal to have several days with male attractions…

Lexa – This is wonderful. Woman is strength. The word that most fits with woman and potency. So this is a power day and I headline my stage. I feel that representativeness, that strength. It’s a response to everything I’ve been creating in these years of my career.

g1 – What does it mean to you to be in Espaço Favela?

Lexa – What does it mean to me? It means being where I came from. It is important to be head of the favela stage. I’m going to show my essence, I’m going to show baile funk, with pop, with a band, funk in a different way. I want to show this at my house. I’ll be home.

g1 – Today we live in this era of streaming and TikTok, and I’m impressed with the amount of data we have. You can see a hit popping up, a song flopping, a hit rising and falling. Do you follow charts, graphs? How do you both rely on that and not limit yourself to that to make music?

Lexa – I follow a lot, because it’s my job. I believe in “Cavalgada”, I know how to give strength to Pabllo… from my strength. I don’t aim exclusively at that, it has an aesthetic, a planning behind it. TikTok is huge and very trend-setting, of course. You see what’s going well on the platforms [de streaming] and the list is the same as on TikTok. I follow everything, but I don’t live just for that. The choreography is more popzona, really dance. It’s not TikTok choreography. But I believe in this music, because it is a powerhouse.

Dua Lipa closes the September 11th of Rock in Rio:

Rock in Rio 2022 in 1 minute: Dua Lipa

Rock in Rio 2022 in 1 minute: Dua Lipa

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