List of 10 MENTAL DISEASES that guarantee INSS benefits

About 50 million people have some type of mental illness, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry. The most common diagnoses include depression, mood swings, anxiety and different types of disorders. The age groups affected are diverse.

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The fact is that many of these diseases can affect people’s lives in different ways, whether in their mental, psychic or cognitive capacity. In many cases, the disease ends up preventing the person from carrying out their work activities correctly.

And this can happen temporarily or permanently. Depending on the severity of the cases, the person can use INSS benefits. They are: the benefit for temporary incapacity (sick pay) Or the by disability retirement.

List of 10 mental illnesses that guarantee INSS benefits

Beforehand, it is necessary to point out that not only mental illnesses guarantee workers the right to INSS benefits. In general, illnesses of any nature that temporarily or permanently disable the worker may qualify for this requirement.

But if the scope is mental illness, workers with:

  1. Bipolar disorder;
  2. Anorexia;
  3. Social anxiety disorder;
  4. body dysmorphic disorder;
  5. Borderline Personality Disorder;
  6. Depression;
  7. Obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  8. Baby blues;
  9. Post traumatic stress;
  10. Schizophrenia.

O drug addiction and alcoholism can also be considered disabling diseases to work. In these cases, proof from a professional is required attesting to the impediment of returning to work. The report is commonly issued by the medical expert of the INSS itself.

Can anyone apply for sick pay and disability retirement?

The answer is no. First of all, you must be a contributor to the INSS to have access to benefits. Then, the following conditions must be met:

sick pay

  • It requires a minimum grace period of 12 months, that is, having contributed 12 times to the INSS;
  • The person proves absence from work for at least 15 days, called Labor Incapacity.

By disability retirement

  • It requires a minimum grace period of 12 months, that is, having contributed 12 times to the INSS;
  • Have permanent work disability, with impossibility of returning to work.

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