Marmalade sandwich and teddy bear are tributes to Elizabeth II

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, aged 96, thousands of people flocked to British royals to pay their respects to the monarch. AND

Among the tributes left in front of the gates of Holyroodhouse Palace, in Edinburgh, a marmelade sandwich, which makes reference to the famous English teddy bear Paddington, caught our attention.

British marmelade is a kind of jam made with oranges and other citrus fruits.

One person left the aperitif inside a plastic bag, next to a Paddington bear doll, with the words: “For later. Kisses.” The phrase is repeated in the children’s cartoon — which always shows the little animal with a sandwich of this type in its pocket, in case it feels hungry.

Elizabeth II’s affectionate relationship with the famous English children’s character had already been explored during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June this year. The Queen was filmed for a BBC skit having tea with Paddington. In the video, the bear offers her her favorite snack.

“I always keep one for emergencies,” says the character, pulling a sandwich out from under his famous red hat. “Me too,” Elizabeth replies, opening her black bag and taking out hers.

Queen Elizabeth 2nd

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