Narcisa detonates Boninho, exposes “stress” and deletes post

Narcisa Tamborindeguy detonated Boninho in a post made on social network. The two were married between 1983 and 1986 and had a daughter, Marianna, 37 years old. By posting a photo with the heiress, the socialite apologized for not having chosen a better father. In the image, she leaves a message written on the face of the director of Globo.

“To my beloved Marianna, the best psychoanalyst in the world. With all my love from Saint Tropez and I should have chosen a much better father for you! You don’t deserve to go through this stress! I’m sorry I made the wrong choice,” wrote Narcisa Tamborindeguy , deleting the post minutes later.

Followers quickly rescued the post with a screenshot, which went viral on social media. On Twitter, an internet user commented: “Laughs like a little pig at Narcisa’s post about Boninho”. Another mocked: “Imagine being a psychoanalyst being the daughter of Narcisa and Boninho, the baggage that is not”. A third wrote: “Narcisa and Boninho have a daughter. Man, I didn’t know that.”

Check out Narcisa’s post detonating Boninho on Instagram:

Narcisa detonates Boninho, exposes \

Photo of the wedding between Boninho and Narcisa took followers of the socialite by surprise

Narcisa detonates Boninho, exposes \

Last year, Narcisa Tamborindeguy recalled a record of her marriage to Boninho. The socialite shared a click next to a great friend, who has passed away. The ceremony took place in 1983. The photo posted by the famous took some followers by surprise, as they did not know that she had been married to the director of the BBB.

In the comments, netizens wrote: “Narcisa married Boninho?”, “What do you mean? Am I the only one who didn’t know that she married Boninho?”, “Boninho do BBB?”, among other reactions. The union only lasted three years, and currently, the Globo contractor is married to Ana Furtado, with whom he has lived since the 1990s.

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