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Romeo Zema speaking into the microphone
Romeu Zema accused, by the PMB, of political and economic abuse. The party still asks that the governor be ineligible for the next 8 years. (photo: Luidgi Carvalho/Futura Press)

The Brazilian Women’s Party (PMB) filed an action with the Regional Electoral Court of Minas Gerais (TRE-MG) asking for the cancellation of the candidacy of Romeu Zema (Novo) for the government of Minas Gerais and, also, the ineligibility of the governor for the next few years. eight years. According to the document, the request is based on an alleged abuse of political and economic power.

“The candidacy of the aforementioned candidate should not prosper, since there are several indications of irregularities, evidence of disrespect for the Fiscal Responsibility Law and possible non-compliance with electoral legislation, mainly the use of public agency space of the Executive Power for the electoral campaign, whose fact was the subject of several journalistic articles, and for other reasons that showed that the defendant did not meet the necessary requirements expressly described in the relevant legislation to be presented later”, reinforces the case file.

Cabo Tristo, also a candidate for Palcio Tiradentes, president of the PMB, said that the current governor has been using the public machine to carry out political campaigns since last year. The candidate highlighted State of Mines who was invited by Romeu Zema’s Secretary of Government to be part of the governor’s electoral base in this year’s re-election campaign. Tristo said that the meeting took place in November 2021, in the Administrative City of Minas Gerais.

Cape Sad
Photo from November 2021 shows Cabo Tristo with servers from the Secretary of the Government of Minas Gerais. According to the candidate, public servants are coordinating Romeu Zema’s re-election campaign (photo: reproduction)

According to the electoral law, it is forbidden to use public space for the “benefit of a candidate, candidate, party, coalition or federation of parties”. Tristo said he witnesses Romeu Zema’s illicit acts against the government and stated that the re-election candidate uses public servants to manage his campaign.

“He (Romeu Zema) uses the public machine to put people in public positions to perpetuate himself in power and says he does not use public money to campaign, but uses public servants to manage his own campaign”, he said.

Tristo stated that he did not accept to support the re-election of Romeu Zema in this election because he had “broken promises” to the people of Minas Gerais.

“I did the Zema campaign in 2018, I was one of the first to support Zema. He was elected saying he was against re-election, he sliced ​​up the government to hand over positions to political parties, but promised a technical government. He did electoral fraud”, he accused.

In addition to electoral issues, the action also points out alleged administrative improprieties related to the current governor’s management, such as the expenses foreseen in the Metropolitan Rodoanel edict that are not included in the budget, which could reach R$ 5 billion.

The Fiscal Responsibility Law prevents the commitment of public revenues in the eight months prior to the end of the mandate. As Romeu Zema seeks re-election, he also bumps into the Electoral Law in this regard.

Another point of the action denounces the creation of 28 units of the Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG). The administrative act, according to the State Constitution, is up to the governor, but it was carried out by the Commander-General of PMMG, Colonel Rodrigo Souza Rodrigues, by means of a resolution on January 4, 2022. The Public Ministry investigates the case, analyzing whether there were administrative irregularities in the promotion of military police officers and in the creation of new units.

“I was in inertia, because I was seeing the crimes that he (Romeu Zema) committed and I wasn’t doing anything. My democratic attitude. Even if it is granted or not, the people can see that we are paying attention”, said Tristo.

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