PMB asks to challenge Romeu Zema’s candidacy

The Brazilian Women’s Party (PMB), represented by the president of the acronym in Minas and candidate for state government Cape Tristanjoined the Regional Electoral Court of Minas Gerais (TRE-MG) with a request to challenge the candidacy for reelection of the governor Romeo Zema (New)for alleged abuse of political and economic power.

According to the electoral judicial investigation action, which was notified to the TRE-MG on September 8, “there are several indications of irregularities, evidence of disrespect for the Fiscal Responsibility Law and possible non-compliance with electoral legislation, especially the use of public agency space. of the Executive Power for the electoral campaign”.

“I’m a military police officer, state public servant, president of the Brazilian Women’s Party. I cannot remain silent in the face of several accusations of electoral crimes and fiscal responsibility that the current governor is committing”, said Cabo Tristão to THE TIMEin a WhatsApp message sent by the advisory.

One of the reasons for the impeachment request made by the PMB is the alleged political abuse of the governor for having received, then as a pre-candidate, the official support of the MDB de Minas at a meeting at the Tiradentes Palace, in the Administrative City, on July 14th. – which is prohibited by the electoral code.

“The cases of prohibited conduct are configured in the following modalities: the use, for the benefit of a candidate, political party or coalition, of movable or immovable property belonging to the direct or indirect administration of the Union, the States, the Federal District, the territories and the municipalities ”, reads an excerpt from the PMB petition justifying the request.

The document also mentions indications of administrative irregularities by the Zema government pointed out by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MP-MG). One of them concerns the creation of 28 units of the Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG), in an administrative act that would only be up to the governor, but which was carried out by the commander-in-chief of the PMMG, Colonel Rodrigo Souza Rodrigues, by means of a resolution in 4 of January this year.

“The 28 units created in the PMMG structure are unconstitutional and illegal, given that it is the sole responsibility of the governor of the State of Minas Gerais, the organization of PMMG, as well as the creation and extinction of public administration bodies”, maintains the PMB action. , which is supported by articles 66 and 90 of the State Constitution.

The petition also deals with conduct considered irregular by jurists and experts regarding the public notice for the Metropolitan Rodoanel, due to the fact that the government contracts debts at the end of its term of office and commits resources without a budget forecast – expenses can reach R$ 5 billion.

According to experts, this conduct by the governor would be illegal under the Fiscal Responsibility Law, which prevents the commitment of public revenues in the eight months prior to the end of the term and, consequently, goes against the electoral rules governed by Law 9,504, from 1997.

For jurists, Zema can be held accountable for administrative improbity, be the target of actions to challenge his candidacy for disobedience to electoral legislation and, also, if the accusations are proven, be held responsible in the criminal sphere, according to article 359.C of the Penal Code. Brazilian.

“The Zema government is a facade government, it is using the public machine to promote itself and, once again, lying to the population that it is not using public money for the campaign. We are removing the smokescreen that was created by marketers”, attacks candidate Cabo Tristão.

The PMB action also cites what would be another relationship of abuse of political and economic power by the Zema government: the case of the donation to the New Party of R$ 2.1 million, made by businessman Salim Mattar, owner of Localiza. Mattar is the leader in donations in the TSE ranking and has transferred 75% of donations to the governor’s party. The PMB claims this is no coincidence, as Zema granted 1% tax to car rental companies, while an ordinary citizen pays 4%.

“We are unmasking a lying and opportunistic government that used everything and everyone to promote itself on top of public money, including helping its close friends. For me, criminals have to pay for their crimes and not be in the governor’s chair”, concludes Cabo Tristão.

The PMB’s petition includes several links and photos of reports made about all these suspected administrative irregularities and disrespect for electoral legislation and the Fiscal Responsibility Law. There are journalistic content from O TEMPO and vehicles such as Rádio Itatiaia and Rede Record, among others.

As consulted by the report of THE TIME on the TRE-MG website, the lawsuit filed by the PMB was “distributed by lot to the judging body, the jurist rapporteur1 and redistributed to the rapporteur Octávio Augusto de Nigris Boccalini, according to art. 46, II, of Resolution TRE N. 1014/2016”. There is no further information on the progress of the action.

In a message sent to the report, the Government of Minas informed that the request would be “absurd”. “The request of this party is so absurd that it was previously rejected ‘by plan’ by the illustrious judge Marcelo Paulo Salgado. Time will tell that Minas is on the right path”, says the text.

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