Queen had little to do with atrocities of the Empire – 09/11/2022 – Lygia Maria

“All queens are evil.” I thought it was a comment about Disney princess drawings, but no, it was talking about Queen Elisabeth 2nd. Colonization, racism and the slave system justified the statement.

The British Empire committed atrocities, oppressing peoples and cultures, torturing and killing, but Elizabeth 2nd had little to do with it, after all, she wasn’t even born in much of this history. Furthermore, as England is a parliamentary monarchy, the queen only exercised the role of head of state, not of government. In other words, a symbolic role.

From the critics, it seems that the only morally acceptable position for the king’s daughter would be to abdicate the throne. Others thought that she should have apologized for the colonialist blunders. After all, even Pope John Paul II apologized for the atrocities committed by the courts of the Inquisition.

But the most curious thing about all this problematization is that much of it came from supporters of dictatorial regimes and governments that used the same inhuman imperialist tactics in the name of communism, such as the USSR. When Fidel Castro died, there was a flurry of tributes to the Cuban dictator whose regime persecuted and imprisoned not only political dissidents but gays and lesbians (just read the accounts of the Cuban homosexual writer Reinaldo Arenas).

Che Guevara, considered by many to be a hero in the fight for freedom, was homophobic. In his case, the explanation given is something like “Oh, but back then everyone was homophobic”. It is curious that this consideration, which takes into account the historical and cultural context, is valid for Che, and not for Elizabeth II.

As a republican, I have a hard time accepting monarchy, but apparently the English like it. As a democrat, I have even more difficulty accepting dictatorships, but there are those who like it. An absolutist monarchy is unacceptable, whereas a parliamentary one follows democratic precepts. I don’t know if every king is evil, but every dictator sure is.

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