R$7 billion ship could become scrap before maiden voyage

One of the biggest cruise ships in the world is sitting at a shipyard in Germany. The ship that is still unfinished will have to be dismantled before it even makes its first voyage. That’s because bankruptcy administrators can’t find a buyer for the luxury vessel, valued at £1.2bn.

The lower hull of the ship known as Global Dream II, the second global-class vessel from the insolvent MV Werften shipyard off Germany’s Baltic coast, is set to be scrapped, the trade magazine reported. An Bord. The purpose of the shipyard is to sell parts of the vessel, as well as machinery and equipment.

The ship is 349 meters long, has 20 decks and has a luxury cinema on board and an outdoor water park, among its main attractions. The Global Dream II can carry up to 9,000 passengers.

Earlier this year, when construction was almost complete, the MV Werften filed for bankruptcy. The company has already looked for an investor who would agree to pay £900m for the vessel and save it from scrap, but to no avail. So far, no buyer for the cruise has been found.

The Global Dream can be towed anywhere in the world by ocean tugs. If no buyers are found in the coming weeks, a bidding process will begin, which would allow ship brokers with contacts in maritime scrap yards to submit their bids.

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