Rare 5 cent coin can be worth up to R$40; know what it is

Collect rare coins has become an activity not only pleasurable, but also profitable. That’s because there are rare coins that can turn into real fortunes in the hands of those who find them. Depending on the model, its sale value can be well above the stamped on the item.

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A specific model has caught the attention of collectors. It is about 5 cent coin issued in 1999. As it received a low print run, the piece began to be valued in the numismatic market – for those who understand the sale and purchase of rare coins.

When it was issued, the play had a circulation of 11.2 million units. Now, its price can vary between R$10 and even R$40. Of course, this is not one of those cases where a single item reaches astronomical values. But any extra money is welcome, isn’t it?

Check out the image of the piece below:

1999 Rare Five Cent Coin

What to do if you find one of these?

In recent months, the demand for rare coins has increased. An example of items that can be worth a lot are the R$1 coins from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The complete collection, for example, can be sold for R$7,000.

But anyone who wants to make money from this market must not only know where to find these pieces, but how to sell them.

A tip is to search for coin auctions or invest in the most well-known marketplaces, such as Mercado Livre and Ebay. Also, keep an eye out and be careful with possible scams, both for those who sell and for those who buy.

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