Rock in Rio: Ivete makes a political demonstration: “Day 2 we will change”

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Luísa Sonza, Vitória Strada and other celebrities are barred from the VIP area of ​​Rock in Rio

The Rock in Rio Vipão caught fire this Saturday (10th). In addition to the human warmth of all the approximately 3 thousand people who took shelter from the rain in the covered area, at the door and exit to the disputed and exclusive ‘vip cabin’, famous people such as Vitória Strada, Larissa Manoela, Luísa Sonza, Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães, Yasmin Brunet and Thelminha Assis were stressed. That’s because the space commanded by Carol Sampaio, from CS Eventos – the promoter who owns all the lists -, was crowded and they no longer had bracelets for some celebrities. We say a few, since others like Paolla Oliveira, Juliana Paes, Rodrigo Faro and Murilo Benício had free transit in the reserved area. Vanessa Lopes, the most famous TikToker in Brazil with 25.4 million followers, also had her plebeian moment and missed Camila Cabello’s show. “I really wanted to watch it, but up front there are a lot of people and it’s raining. I’m going out later and I didn’t want to get rained on. But that’s it, perrengue chic,” she told Yahoo. Luísa Sonza, after three performances on the Sunset Stage and receiving the best reviews of the event, found herself in front of a security tape when trying to enter the exclusive space. Alongside Vitória Strada and Marcela Ricca, she called several people trying to release her access. Download the Yahoo Mail app in less than 1 min and receive all your emails in one place. Subscribe now to the Yahoo newsletter in 3 Minutes Theminha Assis, accompanied by her husband, was another who expressed irritation at being ‘forgotten’. With the face of very few friends, the doctor, presenter, influencer and businesswoman was waiting for someone to arrive with a bracelet so she could enjoy the festival more comfortably. Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães were waiting with Álvaro Xaro for the long-awaited black bracelet, which took a while to arrive. Lucas Pasin, columnist for UOL, the entrepreneur and influencer commented that he believed in the miracle: “It’s fine with me, I’m not upset. It will soon be resolved. It’s part of it.” Xaro even got a bracelet for a friend who had been left out after he entered. After more than 40 minutes of waiting, standing outside the cordon, Luísa Sonza, Vitória Strada, Marcela Ricca and the group’s entourage were rescued by Piny Montoro, a businesswoman from Vitória. But before that, the professional’s discomfort became visible. “Victory, calm down”, said the businesswoman. In the end, everyone entered an area that was just as crowded, but without as many people asking for selfies.

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