Searches for missing mother and daughter continue today in Morada Nova de Minas

The teams of the Military and Civil Police and the Fire Department continue to searches to try to find mother and daughter, who have been missing since last Friday (9), on a road near Morada Nova de Minas, in the central region of the state. A specialized team from the Belo Horizonte Fire Department was deployed to the region to support the work. Firefighters are also evaluating the possibility of using the Archangel aircraft. The teams are supported by a drone.

Family members charge for the use of the aircraft and a greater number of police and firefighters for the work. According to the family’s lawyer, Kênia Freitas, the concern is now physiological. “The last information we have, which is on Friday, 10:30 am, is that it was very hot and that, because of that, the girl was wearing little clothes”, said the lawyer. Freitas also expressed concern about the possibility of dehydration of the two, due to the high temperature in the region.

Work to try to locate Ludmilla Jesus Silva, 21, and her 3-year-old daughter began shortly after the disappearance. In addition to security forces agents, sniffer dogs are also involved in the work. Searches are carried out at the place where mother and daughter were last seen. According to the Military Police (PM), the region is difficult to communicate with.

Since the disappearance of the two, several messages have circulated on social networks with possible information about the whereabouts of the two. The information is denied by the PM and also by family members. According to the child’s aunt, the diarist Janete Ribeiro Bento, there is no information about what would have happened and where they could have been. Part of the family has been in the city since Saturday (10), where they accompany the searches.

the case

The disappearance of Ludmilla and her daughter was registered by the family on Friday (9). The two went out together with the woman’s boyfriend, from Ribeirão das Neves, in Grande BH, to visit Ludmilla’s mother and the child’s grandmother in Morada Nova de Minas. To the report of O TEMPO, the diarist Janete Ribeiro Bento, who is the child’s aunt, said that the car in which the three were stuck in the neighboring city of Biquinhas.

After what happened, the two, mother and child, went out on foot in search of help. Ludmilla’s boyfriend, who called the Military Police, said that the place is densely forested and that he quickly lost sight of both of them. On social media, Valter, known as Vavá do Grau, posted videos of the searches he has been doing together with the PM in the region and asks for help so that the two are located.

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais initiated a procedure to investigate the cause and circumstances of the family’s disappearance. Also according to PC, family members will be contacted to provide more information about what happened and asks that anyone with more information call 0800 2828 197. Anonymity will be protected.

troubled relationship

Also according to Janete, Ludmilla and Valter’s relationship was not going well. About a month ago, the couple, who have been together for about three years, would have gotten back together after one of the several endings they have had. The woman also said that her niece has a protective measure against her boyfriend, after being attacked by him.

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