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Recently, the government released a new withdrawal for the FGTS in the amount of R$ 1 thousand. This is the extraordinary loot of the fund, which was created to help people during the pandemic. Payments have been made over the last twelve months. Thus, any registered worker who is within the rules can withdraw the money. That is, the entire payment schedule has already been met. So, to find out who gets it, check it out below!

FGTS of R$ 1,000 from Caixa: see if you are entitled

In this way, every registered worker who is entitled to the amounts can now withdraw the money. The government’s expectation is that about 2 million people will withdraw the money by the end of this year. And for those who have doubts about who can withdraw the money, the answer is: anyone in the CLT regime, who has a balance in their FGTS account, whether active or inactive. Remembering that the maximum withdrawal amount will be R$ 1 thousand.

In addition, rural workers, as well as temporary, intermittent, independent workers and even professional athletes, are also entitled to the values. Domestic servants and safeiros can also make the withdrawal.

Finally, the start of payments was determined using the month of birth as a guideline. The first group, born in January, received the amounts in April. The last group, those born in December, received emergency FGTS payments on June 15th.

Finally, although the amount is available, you are under no obligation to withdraw the FGTS balance. It is possible, if you prefer, to leave the amount untouched in the Caixa Tem account. In this case, the money is returned to the fund at the end of the term. An option for those who do not want to spend the amount is to withdraw it and put it in an account that earns more than the FGTS.

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